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The Chains of BT21

What better way to carry your favorite BT21 merch around than in a keychain? Compact and portable, you can put them inside your pocket or clip them onto your bag based on your preference. Bt21 merch by Kpop Choices has products along these lines. Let’s find out if it lives up to expectations.

The Keychain

The BT21 Keychain Ring is Kpop choices Bt21 merch which is priced at $14 on Amazon. This product is inspired by BT21 figures and can be clasped onto bags and purses. The dimensions of the item vary slightly for each design. The manufacturer claims that the product is made from quality materials for endurance and durability. As per the seller, these keychains work well to secure and organize keys without them falling off. They, also, make great additions to gift bags.

Our Take

The product is securely packed, and the keychain is hung from a paper hook to keep it upright. The package has the official LINE FRIENDS hologram on the back. The product is made in China and is not suitable for children below three years of age.

The product is light in weight and matches the images on the site. The figure and BT21 logo are made from hard plastic. All the toys are hollow. The chain is made of metal and covered in plastic paint. It is light, but not very strong. It comes with a keyring to hold your keys and a lobster claw hook which can be fastened to your bag. If multiple keychains are hung together, they are likely to make a lot of noise.

Since the different characters are made from different materials, there is a lot of confusion about the authenticity of the products. Some customers have mistaken genuine products for fake ones and vice versa.

The quality of the product is all over the place. It has been widely reported that the plastic material used for the doll is susceptible to scratches. This is a problem since the product is meant to be used as a keychain and will, likely, be hit by keys. This is a common complaint about the RJ, Van, Cooky, Chimmy, and Koya variants. And, though Tata doesn’t feel very strong, along with Shooky and Mang, it has better durability. To protect it, a few customers have opted to hang it in their cars or use it as a bag charm instead of a keychain.

Some customers have received the products in damaged condition. This includes holes in the doll or parts of paint chipped off. A few wished the characters had a rubber texture. In one case, the toy detached from the keyring. Another said the finish of the product was not ideal and the glue joining the head to the body was visible. This BT21 merchandise has many fans either skeptical about the quality or disappointed by it. Quite a few thought that, for the price they paid for it, the product could’ve been better.

While LINE FRIENDS sell the product for $14, other sellers are charging more than double the price with no guarantee of authenticity.

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