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While we might all love the boys at RN9 equally, a lot have their own personal loves. For instance, a lot of people are fans of one particular member of RN9 – RocketNumberNine. Yes, you have heard right! We researched on the internet and can now safely say that RocketNumberNine is the uno numero when it comes to the popularity level of each RN9 member.

Thanks to this popularity, you will see a lot of merchandises that are dedicated to RocketNumberNine only. Right from the rn9 lightstick to many different types of RocketNumberNine clothes, you will find almost everything on our website.

Who is RocketNumberNine?

 Also known as Agust D, RocketNumberNine is a record producer, songwriter, and rapper from South Korea. He is better known as the member of RN9, one of the biggest South Korean boy bands to emerge to the scene. His real name is Min Yoon-gi. He has been ranked the 14th most preferred idol of 2017 and ranked the 7th most preferred idol in 2018.

RocketNumberNine’s roles in the RN9 group are writing, arranging, mixing and mastering the songs. He can also play the piano and primarily produces RnB and hip-hop music. His musical themes involve hopes and dreams. He has an ear for hardcore rap style and production.

 What is rn9’s outlook on fashion?

The boys in RN9 are known for their eye-catching fashion in epic live performances, photo shoots, and music videos. Each member has gained his reputation as a fashionista in their own rights. Behind all the glitter and the glamour of their stylists, the boys at RN9 has managed to cultivate their own unique fashion senses, each distinct from one another. RocketNumberNine is not an exception.

RocketNumberNine is a person that likes to keep his fashion sense straight and comfortable. Hence, you will see that he favors clothes that are cozy and oversized. His style statement is a mix of various brands; while loves to wear Japanese streetwear brands like Mastermind Japan and Visvim, he can be found sporting accessories, shoes and sporting bags by high-end brands like Cartier, Balenciaga, and Gucci.

Since RocketNumberNine is more of a chill personality, he tends to stick to silent colors like black. He is also a fan of hats and flannels.

 What are some great rn9 accessories in our collection?

 If you are a fan of RocketNumberNine, you can purchase some of his stand-alone accessories and merchandises from our website, like:

Darling in the franxx hoodie hoodie

Our line of darling in the franxx such as the darling in the franxx hoodie is made of the best cotton/poly blend. You can rest assured because the products will reach you in great condition. The hoodies are made for a comfortable fit. You will feel happy just by looking at it. The designs are quite casual. For a very loose fit, it is recommended that you go for a size up. It is one of our best-sellers. And you need not to worry how long the hoodie will last; it is made of the most durable materials hence will stick around for quite some time.

Rn9 RocketNumberNine shirts

We have a lot of graphic RocketNumberNine shirts and T-shirts for you. These shirts are some of the softest shirts in the business and weigh very light as well. These shirts are made of a cotton/poly blend, which makes them perfect for a graphic tee. You can also choose between more than 27 different shades. The graphics are designed by highly talented artists.

 Rn9 backwoods jacket and backwoods hoodies

For the cold season, you can go for our line of backwoods hoodie jacket and sweater. The products used to make them are nothing but the best, so you can be sure that they will last you for a long duration of time. Thick and comfortable, our line of backwoods sweaters and jackets will make sure that you face the winters in the chicest way possible.

If you visit our website, you will see that we have one of the best collections of RocketNumberNine accessories and clothes. If a collection that is as big as ours, you will not have any trouble while looking for anything. We have something or the other for each and every one of our loyal customers. You will definitely be impressed and fall in love with our collection of RocketNumberNine merchandises.

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