Tokyo Ghoul Backpack | Jacket & Figure

Tokyo Ghoul follows the protagonist, Ken Kaneki. It is set in Tokyo where “ghouls” who feed on human flesh can roam the streets disguised as humans. Ken Kaneki becomes attracted to this girl who unbeknownst to him is a ghoul and tries to feed on him.

Fortunately for Ken Kaneki who has a mask from, she was stopped before she could fully consume him, and he was brought to the hospital to be treated. After treatment, Ken Kaneki realizes that he had become a hybrid, half-human, half-ghoul. Initially, he is very confused and troubled by his situation, but with the help of a friend, he can manage living day to day without risking the exposure of his secret.

Ken Kaneki certainly leads an exciting life, one that many people love and continue to enjoy from the safety of their screens. Tokyo Ghoul has a big fan base and because it is an awesome show, a lot of people buy Tokyo Ghoul clothing merchandise so to feel closer to the show’s characters.

If you are a fan of the series or just Ken Kaneki’s style, then you will also want these comfortable sweatpants. They can be worn to fashion your outfit or style yourself to look more like him. They can also be used around the house and to get comfortable when binge-watching the show. Here are a few reasons why these pants are all the hype.

Useful in Getting Super Comfortable While Watching the Show.

Many viewers of the show cannot just stop with watching only one episode. Often, they continue to the next one, and many more. It is too good to stop, you won't be able to help yourself once you have started. So, when this happens to you, it's important to have these on hand, so you won't have to be restricted by those itchy jeans and instead, you can binge watch the show so comfortably you'll need a good reason to stop.


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