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Inverted Umbrella | Upside Down Umbrella


Do you always have a hassle while trying to open your regular umbrella on a rainy day? Do you always get wet while closing it and getting into your vehicle/house? Are you annoyed by how wet everything around your closed umbrella gets when you keep it at a certain place?

What if we told you that every single one of these problems can be solved! Yes, that’s right; say hello to reverse umbrellas! These are your one-stop solution for all the problems highlighted above. Let’s now explore more about this exclusive kind of umbrella.

Prominent Features of Better Brella

Here are some of the main features of inverted umbrellas that makes them different from regular umbrellas.

Folding - Unfolding

It is obvious from its name itself that a reverse umbrella would have some kind of a “reverse mechanism”. Let’s debunk this. Regular umbrellas look like cones when they’re folded with the handle located at the wider end of the cone and the wider end expands to open outwards.

In a reverse umbrella, the handle is located on the pointy side of the cone with the wider end at the other side. While opening it, the pointy end is pushed towards the top thus causing the wider end to expand outwards and open. The reverse of this process is followed while closing it.

This process of the pointier end sliding towards the handle makes it easier for an individual to open or close the umbrella while getting into a closed space like a car/house, without getting wet in the process. They close inwards thus attaining the name, reverse umbrella.

Reversible Umbrella Features

No Wetness

Another main feature of these umbrellas is that since they close inwards, the wet side is on the inner side of the closed cone rather than the outer side. The outer fabric is completely dry and due to this mechanism, the reverse umbrella causes no hassle when you carry it around after a rainy day out.


Due to the smart design of these umbrellas, they are fully windproof; meaning, even if there are strong winds, your umbrella is less likely to fly away unlike a regular umbrella. The double-layer design of the reverse umbrella makes this feature possible.

Reverse Umbrella | Inside Out Umbrella Summary

All in all, reverse umbrellas are a one of a kind umbrellas designed exclusively for the comfort and convenience of the individual using them. Get your own reverse umbrella today and beat the rains in a different style!