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Are you a Naruto fan who has always dreamt of having those scenic and epic weapon fights with your opponent? Have you fancied throwing kunai knives and shurikens like a pro? Well, well, well, we have some great news for you. These Naruto weapons are all you will need to stage that fight you’ve always dreamed of. These will also come in handy to complete your cosplay look for your next Comic-Con. Let’s learn more about thesespecialized weapons.

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Showing all 3 results

Naruto Anime Weapons Items 

These are ourbest 3 preferences that our experts have shortlisted for weapons from the Naruto series:

Shuriken Blades – Shuriken blades are the classic ninja weapon and they are a must-have for anybody who calls themselves a ninja. They are those star-shaped blades that can be thrown at your opponent with a spin. They are one of the most common of all Naruto weapons yet one of the deadliest.

These shurikens are made of plastic and come in the exact same size that you see on the series. They also look strikingly similar to a standard shuriken. Get one for yourself now and start working on your shuriken spinning skills!

Kunai Knives – These dart-shaped knives are one of the signature weapons used in the Naruto series and we are sure that every fan will be able to identify them anywhere. They are shaped kind of like a dart with a circular handle at the end used for throwing.

Every ninja must perfect the art of kunai knife throwing before they head for combat. These ones are also made using plastic and bear a striking resemblance to the ones you see in the series. Get your kunai knives and start practicing your throwing skills for your next fight!

Naruto Knife Set – If you can’t settle for just one or two Naruto weapons and are looking to be fully prepared for your upcoming ninja duel, then getting this set of 7 knives is your perfect call. Consisting of various kinds of throwing knives with different specialties, this set is a ninja’s ultimate weapon set for any battle.

Once you master each and every knife from this set, you will be unbeatable as a ninja! All of them are made out of plastic and is given a metal-like coating to give a realistic shiny feel. Get you set today and master your art with these weapons!

We hope you enjoyed our list of Naruto weapons. What are you waiting for now? Get your perfect weapon today and get ready for the battle!
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