My hero academia shoes

The freshest fashion line My Hero Academia recently released their anime shoe-collection. My Hero Academia in partnership with Super Groupies, decided to surprise their fans by releasing these pieces of themed apparel. The superior-quality collection gets its theme from the Super Groupies characters—Bakugou, Todoroki, and Deku. Do you love the shoes Deku wears? Grab a similar pair here.

  1. Boku No Hero Academia Super Groupies Todoroki Shoes 

Seize these polyurethane and rubber-sole original sneakers. Roar these custom shoes—the shoe tong has characters that read “PLUS ULTRA!!" and "HALF-COLD HALF-HOT. This limited-edition, hero costume sneakers with colorful Shoelaces and shoelace holes is an attention-grabbing apparel you can’t afford to miss.

Also, the point of the insoles for each shoe appear in different shades of light blue and red! Moreover, this shoe design is embossed with the original All Might's mark on the external part of the shoe heel!

  • My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugo Shoto Todoroki Cosplay Canvas Sneakers
If you want a decent shoe that fits perfectly and has a crisp-clear print, then these cosplay canvas sneakers are a perfect fit. This product line by Telacos is made of quality canvas and rubber with both sides of the shoe having the pictures.

 This shoe is perfect for people who are cool and desire to stand out. Since these sneakers are slightly narrow, if your feet are wide, order a pair that’s one size higher!

  • Boku No Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Shoes Boots Custom Made

Wear this shoe to the Anime Expo or Halloween. The custom-made, high-quality pleather Izuku Midoriya Cosplay shoes will get your feet off the regular, boring shoes. What’s more, they have a very tough sole, making them very long-lasting.

So, if you want a shoe that will last for years, then this should be your number one choice. Despite some users preferring to rock in them on the weekends, the real Midoriya fans wear them every day—and they love it!

  • Telacos My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Shoes

Nothing beats the comfort of a Casual Canvas Shoe with plimsolls rope sole. Let your feet get the privilege of tossing in a beautiful, unisex, wear-resisting canvas! The Izuku Midoriya Cosplay is made of sturdy, high quality canvas and a rubber sole. With both sides of the shoe having images, it looks stylish. Everything about this product is unique. For instance, white colored shoes have black tongues and heels.


And it’s a sandal!

This non-slip Dlongge My-Hero-Academia Comfortable Slipper Summer Sandal has the freshest graffiti impressions that men and women love. Choose your usual size-wear and don this fashionable, easy to clean sandal, all-season. Seize this little comfy and use it in the bedroom, pool, beach or bathroom.


Since the announcement of a new clothing line from Trendy Anime themed on My Hero Academia franchise, they have been releasing top quality products in batches—limited-edition products based on the fashion sense of various anime characters. As you watch the anime “My Hero Academia,” keep the tab open for a more soothing shoe line of the season from your favorite character!