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Dragon Ball Z Shirts

Dragon Ball Z was first released in 1984 and soon became a worldwide phenomenon. The manga was soon introduced to the world of video games, movie adaptations, films, and spin-offs. It is no surprise that Dragon Ball Z merchandises are sold all around the world.

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How to take care of your DBZ shirts?

Of course, you would have your favorite shirt and will do almost anything to make it last forever. Maintaining the looks of your shirts is a tough task. Here are some tips that can help you wash and take care of your shirt without compromising on its quality:

  1. Always be sure to read the labels

Most people do not actually make note of this tip. The labels that are located at the back of your shirts tell you exactly how to wash them. Instructions are given on what you can do and what not. For example, a shirt that reads ‘Dry Clean Only’ means that you cannot wash the shirt in a washing machine and will have to dry clean it only.

  1. Washing the clothes by hand is always better

Although you can wash your clothes in the ‘Delicate’ setting of your washing machine, it is always better to wash them by hand. This way, you will be able to scrub according to the fabric of the cloth. You can also specifically focus your attention to a stain spot rather than the whole cloth itself.

  1. Treat the stains as soon as possible

You must never let a stain spot remain for long. If you accidentally spill some wine on your favorite shirt, you need to treat the stain immediately. Organic stains like blood can be removed with the help of cold water while inorganic stains like ink can be removed with boiling water. If you do not treat the stain immediately, it will become extremely difficult to remove them later.

Goku Shirts | Vegeta Shirts Summary

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