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Dragon Ball Z Lamp | Goku Lamp

With our new line of Dragon Ball Z Lamp products, you will be able to brighten up your night. Some of our coolest Goku lamp products include his Spirit Bomb lamp. Or, you can also opt for Vegeta’s Genki Dama Attack lamp. The choices are endless. Head over to our website to see more of these amazing lamp products that we have collected only for you!

How to choose a DBZ lamp?

At times, the one perfect lamp is all that you need to complete the room. But what does the perfect lamp consists of? Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice:

  • Know the height of the shade - You need to know the height range for your lamp. To do this, you can sit next to the place where you want the lamp and measure from the surface of placing the lamp to your eye level. This becomes the base measurement. To determine the height of the lamp, divide the measurement by three.
  • Look for the size - Once you have determined the approximate height, you can add 18-inches to the base measurement you took in the above step. For instance, if the average height of the lamp is 6-inches, the size of the lamp needs to be 24-inches (6+18).
  • Select the style of the shade - The look and shape of the lampshade is a very important factor to consider. But you also need to pick the shade that matches how you are about to use the lamp. For instance, if you have a TV placed next to the lamp, you will need something that has an opaque shade to prevent the lighting glare.
  • Look for the right bulb - If you plan on using the lamp for reading, it is recommended that you use a light bulb (about 60W). You can also alternatively make use of an energy-saving LED bulb to save up on the electricity bill. If you are looking for some flexibility, you can opt for a bulb that is dimmable; you need to check the bulb as some designs are not dimmable.

Goku Spirit Bomb Lamp  | Vegeta Lamp Summary

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