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Dragon Ball Z Keychain

Now, you can flaunt your swag with our Dragon Ball Z Keychain that features a stunning design that pertains to the original series. As we know, Dragon Ball Z is one of the most viewed anime series in the world today. So, it should not come out as a surprise that you will see a lot of its merchandise in the market. Our online store offers a lot more than just keychains; right from clothing and apparel to backpacks and hoodies, we have everything that you can think of. 

How to store DBZ keychains?

If you are not careful enough, your Dragon Ball Z keychain can get out of control very fast. Here are some ways by which you can take care of your keychains and your keys at the same time:

  1. Learn to segregate your keys

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to segregate and organize your keys. You need to lay down your keys out on the table, pick through them, and lose out any key that you do not use anymore or not needed. Then, group your keys according to the functionality. Keep the keys that you use every day like your house keys, car keys, etc. together and separate the keys that you use occasionally to another keychain.

  1. Get rid of keyrings with alternative keychains

At times, the chain of a keychain contributes to the overall bulk. The common split keys are hard to segregate, adds a lot more bulk than your keys, and available in a lot of different sizes. So, you have the option of choosing alternative options to organize your keys. For instance, you can make use of a key disk, which is a simple keychain system where you keep all your keys in a triangular box that folds out when you need them.

  1. Make use of a pocket clip system

One other method of dealing with clunky keychains is to make use of a pocket clip system. This will allow you to hook your keys up on the top of your pocket so that they do not stab you or jangle around as much. You can also attach your key to your bag, belt, etc. with the help of a pocket clip system.

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