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BTS Merchandise | History of BTS Group

BTS or Bangtan Boys formed after Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, met the group leader, Rap Monster. This music group was supposed to be like 1TYM of YG Entertainment, a hip hop group. Before their debut, the group featured several tracks with Lee Seung-gi and 2AM.

In 2012, the group was finalized with RM, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, and Jimin. Before their official debut, they started to gain attention through SoundCloud or YouTube. In July 2013, they debuted with “2 Cool 4 Skool”, a single album along with their lead single “No More Dream”.

Recently, the BTS group went on a stadium tour known as Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. This music band has even performed Saturday Night Live, which premiered on NBC, as their first K-pop act.

BTS Clothing & Merch

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Taking care of BTS Shirts & BTS Clothing?

Here are some tips that can help you take care of your bts hoodies:

  1. Never over wash your clothes - Of course, washing your bts clothes will remove the dirt and stains, but washing them over and over again will cause them to lose out their color and weaken the overall structure of the fibers. By washing them once a while and air drying them, your clothes will look light and smell fresh.

  1. Learn to organize your laundry - Divide your bts merch & clothing according to the color and washing method. You can know the washing method of each cloth by reading the tags on them. You can also separate your clothes in light or dark colors. If you pay attention to these small details, your clothes will last for much longer.

  1. Avoid the dryer - Air drying is always better for your clothes. It has also been recommended by leading experts that air drying is a lot better than making use of a drying machine. A dryer will also wear down the quality of your shirt. Additionally, you can also save a lot of bucks in the form of power bills.

  1. Do not crowd your closet - You should never cram all your clothes by force inside your closet. This will cause wrinkles on your clothes and sensitive fabrics will be lost as well. To avoid this, you need to invest in space-saving hangars that will help you maintain the quality of your clothes.

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In fact, the members of our team are die-hard fans of the series as well. We always work hard and towards bringing out the personality of each character with the help of our products.

BTS Apparel Choices for Every Season

Wondering where to get your hands on high-quality, fashion-forward BTS apparel choices? You’ve found the right place. We offer one of the widest assortments of BTS clothing and other merchandise essentials to help you keep the 7-piece guy group close to you at all times. We know how important it is for members of A.R.M.Y. to stay true to the BTS guys, and that’s why we make sure to deliver high-quality BTS fan merch to keep your love alive and burning.

Browse through our BTS apparel choices and find pieces for all seasons. Enjoy vibrant colors, comfortable fabrics and materials, and designs that will keep you browsing for hours when you shop our BTS apparel selection.

Casual t shirts, stylish sweaters and jackets, and comfortably breathable pajamas - these are just some of the BTS apparel choices you’ll find through our product line-up. We take pride in our assortment of BTS products, helping you discover new fashion finds every time you visit our shop. Our selection features clothes that you can comfortably showcase for every season - from cool summer casual wear to edgy bts jackets for colder weather. You’re sure to find something that will make your BTS heart flutter.

BTS Store: Lots of Fun BTS Designs

Who’s your favorite BTS member? Is it V or RM? Jungsook or Jimin? All the boys are charming and lovable, but if there’s one of them that pulls at your heartstrings just a little more than the others, then we’ve got a design to help you show it. Our bts store has an array of BTS apparel designs feature countless prints and colorfully intricate images that you can be proud to wear anywhere.

Enjoy premium materials customized with high-quality prints that won’t fade, flake, or discolor over time. Our BTS apparel choices are designed with quality in mind, bringing you countless fashion-forward choices that promise to stay the same even after countless washes. In addition to this, we also have anime products such naruto jackets, akatsuki cosplay cloak, itabags & ahegao hoodie sweater 

BTS Accessories: Pieces That Run True to Size

Our BTS apparel pieces run true to size, so you won’t have to go through the guesswork of deciding on the right fit. We make sure all of our sizes follow the standard sizing you’ll find through other shops and brands, so just pick out your usual size and be confident that you’ll get an item that really matches your build.

If you want to be doubly sure about your chosen size, you can reach out to our customer support representatives. We offer our buyers personalized care each time you come to us with your questions and concerns. Find the perfect size for you and get prompt assistance when you shop BTS apparel through our website.

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