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Not Your Average BTS Backpack

We strive to make sure we satisfy your desire for all things BTS without sacrificing the quality of our products. That’s why we put all of our products through extensive testing and quality-control procedures to guarantee your satisfaction. So aside from being stylishly designed with BTS themes, our backpacks are also functionable and durable.

  • Premium Quality, Long Lasting Prints - There are tons of choices out there that might lose their BTS prints over time. Poor quality prints and designs can fade and flake with use, so what once was a BTS backpack might not look that way after a few months of wear. Our backpacks on the other hand go through premium, high-quality printing. Each design is carefully thought-out and created, making sure that each print stays vibrant and bright even after daily use.
  • Spacious Interiors with Lots of Compartments - Whether you’re taking your BTS backpack to school or simply packing up for a quick getaway out of town, you can be sure it’ll fit anything and everything you need. Our backpacks are spacious and ergonomic, offering lots of space that carries all your essentials safely - with room to spare.
  • Durable Build That’s Easy on the Shoulders - Ever have to carry a heavy bag on your shoulders? It can be a real inconvenience. Poorly designed backpacks can cause pain and discomfort, and may even result to injury in the long run. Yikes! Fortunately, our BTS backpack designs take that into account, offering you plush padded shoulder straps and durable materials that help make carrying your load easier and hassle-free. Enjoy the comfort of traveling with a full bag minus the discomfort.

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