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The name, BT21, is a combination of BTS (name of the boy band) and 21st Century, which implies that the name of this collaboration should signify the message that BTS and 21st Century would live on for the next 100 years. BT21 merch which is part of bts merch was launched officially in 2017 as is available here in this bt21 store

BT21 Merch Characters

  • Tata - This is a character that smiles at times. He is a shape-shifting alien that is very curious. It has a blue body with yellow polka dots and a heart-shaped head. This character was created by V-Kim Taeyung.
  • Chimmy - Created by Jimin, Chimmy is a puppy with his tongue hanging out at all times. This pup also likes to wear a yellow-colored hoodie.
  • Kya - Kya is a character that loves to sleep. He is a blue baby koala that has removable ears and loves thinking. He was created by RM-Kim Namjoon.
  • Mang - Mang is a dancing character. Her species is unknown because she wears a horse-shaped mask with a heart-shaped nose. Jung Hoseok came up with this character.
  • RJ - RJ is a character that simply loves to eat. He is a kind alpaca that wears a grey parka and a red scarf when it is cold. This character was created by Kin Seokjin.
  • Shooky - Shooky is a very savage character. Min Yoongi came up with this naughty cookie that is scared of milk and hates it.
  • Cooky - Characterized by Jeon Jeongguk, Cooky is a character that worships and maintains his body like a temple. While he is cute to look at, he is a tough pink bunny with a heart-shaped tail and one bold eyebrow.
  • Van - Van is a space robot created by Tata. Half of its body is covered in grey color and has an X-shaped eye, while the other half is white in color and has an O-shaped eye. Van is the protector of BT21 and represents the BTS A.R.M.Y. fandom.

Bt21 Accessories & Merch Summary

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