Attack On Titan Shirts

Attack on Titan T Shirts

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga that has been on a rampage in TV screens for quite some time now. The entire story has been based on a dystopian world where humanity is forced to live in a territory that is surrounded by three walls that protect them from Titans, man-eating giants. The series has been well-received by both critics and audiences alike.

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How to take care of your Attack on Titan Shirts?

Style is a personal matter and some people love their t-shirts above everything else. While cotton-blend and cotton shirts are extremely easy to wash, maintaining their looks can be a different story altogether. Here are some tips that can help you clean your t-shirts without losing out its quality:

  1. Make sure that you read the labels

This is a tip that most people tend to forget. The labels tell you exactly how to wash and take care of your clothes. These small words tell you what you can do and not do. For instance, if a label reads Dry Clean Only, it means that you need to dry clean the shirt, not wash it in a machine or by hand.

  1. Always opt for washing by hand, when possible

There are some delicate fibers that can be washed in the ‘Delicate’ mode of your washing machine. However, it is for the best that you wash them by hand. Washing clothes by hand means that you have the option of scrubbing according to the material. Make sure that you use a mild detergent or soap.

  1. Treat the stains immediately

You should never let a stain sit for long. If you notice one, make sure that you apply effective counter-measures immediately or the stain will become a permanent one. For organic stains like blood, always use cold water. For inorganic stains ink, you should always opt for boiling water.

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