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In January, Travis Scott’s Astroworld album was certified double Platinum by the RIAA. The album’s release was a huge success and, to huge extent, it was all thanks to his marketing team. Scott’s squad managed to secure the number one spot after a week in by promoting Astroworld with bundling merch with digital copies of his new music. Items included Astroworld Merch, Astroworld Clothing (Hoodies, Jackets, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt and Sweaters), Astroworld Phone cases. That completely changed the game of record selling as for the first time in the music industry tour and album merch played such an important role in accumulating album sales.

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Astroworld Hoodie & Sweaters

Now, La Flame is in the 2nd leg of his Wish You Were Here tour, the third tour in support of his album, and you can get your hands on his limited collection of Astroworld hoodie clothing line at the tour stops or directly from his website.

In the early stages of his career, the Houston-based rapper was frequently criticized as a knockoff. But as he managed to brush off the dirt from his shoulders, he slowly garnered recognition as a distinctive figure not only in the Hip-Hop world, but also in the street and high fashion. Currently, the superstar is considered a brand which, clearly, everybody wants to imitate. The Astroworld merch is a testimony to this.

Astroworld Jackets & Sweatshirt

With the release of his Astroworld clothing merch, the “Music’s Fashion King”, as dubbed by GQ, has used his fame to further push it to a higher level. The limited-edition capsule collection served as an extension of the album and each day different pieces were put up for fans to buy for only 24 hours.

The first drop featured 28 pieces of exclusive Astroworl shirts, Astroworld hoodie and sweatshirts and other accessories. The second capsule was the Astroworld Festival merch, released at the end of November, included 25 items. All commemorating the out-of-world theme of the album itself, the punk and psychedelia-inspired graphics fit in well enough with Scott’s theme park.

Astroworld Phone case & Shirts

Furthermore, the more provocative approach taken is seen in pieces with bold statements such as “I went to Astroworld and all I got was this f**kin T-shirt”, “Look mom I can fly” or “Put on a happy face”. There is a “R.I.P. DJ Screw” tee to honor the late Houstonian DJ Screw and a “Stop Tryna Be God” T-shirt. The headlining piece from the merchandising collection has to be Virgil Abloh’s pocket T-shirt. Basically, the design displays a Travis Scott figure sporting the new Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack” on the front and back.

A huge part in the Astroworld hoodie merchandise success was played by his famous other half, Kylie Jenner. The famous starlet has helped by becoming an Astroworld stan. She has posted photos of her wearing an Astroworld T-shirt on Instagram and she broke the Internet. With over six million likes for a couple of photos with one of the merch tees, this is only a single of the many efforts the diva has done to promote the clothing collection.

Astroworld Merchandise Clothing

Even though Travis may look unbothered by his girlfriend’s influence, the Jenner has definitely pulled his clothing line further. The Astro king has delivered a large variety of items and all up to par with the theme park style of the album. Now, all we have to do is to wait for a new capsule of pure heat. From our website get the following best selling items

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