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Most of us have seen how cute our anime characters look in school uniforms. For instance, Cardcaptor Sakura looks extremely adorable in her school uniform.

We also understand that while these uniforms cannot actually be worn in your regular school, you can still wear them on special occasions or while traveling. If you are looking for the best Anime School Uniform, head over to our online store today. Our collection will leave you visually-stunned.

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Anime School Uniform

Here are some tips that can help you keep your anime school uniform clean and clear of dirt and stains:

Always make use of a gentle wash cycle and cold water to keep slacks, skirts, and jumpers from looking faded and worn. There are many brands of liquid laundry detergents that can clean these garments in cold temperatures. They can also remove stains more effectively.

You can also tumble uniforms in how heat settings for a short time duration to prevent shrinkage and over-drying. It is always recommended that you remove the uniforms from the dryer while it is still slightly damp to make ironing easier and minimize wrinkles.

You should always wash sweaters, especially those with sewn-on patches, inside out. Additionally, it is also recommended to make use of a fabric fill remover. A good pill remover will eliminate all the sweater pills thoroughly and fast; these devices are also easy to store and use.

You should always spray hard-to-clean garments like ties and jackets with a fabric protector to prevent stains and remove accidental spills. Blazers might prove to be difficult to clean since most of them are made of polyester; in this case, you can hand the blazer over to professionals.

At times, there will be situations when the uniform will need special attention like mud and sweat stains, odors, etc. In these cases, you need to wash the uniforms as soon as possible before the stains and dirt start settling. Try not to use a dryer for uniforms.

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