Anime Posters

Anime Posters

Our website is the go-to online store for anime merchandise and other fun products of personal interest. With so many different types of anime merchandises like anime posters, anime hoodies, anime caps, etc., you will find something that suits your decorating style and budget.

How to clean posters?

A lot of people prefer purchasing posters made of paper rather than canvas for a lot of good reasons. For instance, paper posters have good color detailing, cheaper, and much easier to frame than its canvas counterparts. But when paper posters get dirty, the fine detailing starts disappering. Simply framing will not protect the print and, sometimes, may even smudge it. But cleaning can be done without damaging your poster al all! Here are some steps:

  • Know the nature of your poster and the damages that needs to be repaired. Pastels, graphite, and charcoal will not be able to withstand surafece cleaning. It is also recommended that you look at the damage from under a microscope to rule out certain possibilities like image flaking. You should look for rust, insect excretion, mold, and sticky substances that should be removed immediately.
  • You need to remove pieces of tape with extreme caution. It has been pointed out by experts that the action of sticky tapes will have different results, depending on the type of paper used, the amount of time the tape has been on the paper, the medium in use, the framing method, etc. With the help of a scapel, you can easily cut and remove the tape. Additionally, you can also make use of other methods like heat or steam, soft eraser, sepcific solvents, etc.
  • To remove the stains, you can make use of bleach, water, or solvent. All of them needs to be tested beforehand and should not cause any harm to the wall poster. Solvents are commonly used for glue, tape, and other sticky stains. Water is normally used for removing stains that occur due to discoloration of the paper or acidity. Also known as hydrogen peroxide, bleach is used for removing brown spots, mold, and rust.

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