Wonder Core Smart Review: The complete ab solution at your home

The Wonder Core Smart is a compact and all-inclusive 8 in 1 fitness and exercise system, which tones your abs and makes you fitter and healthier. This gym equipment can be used in the comfort of your home. This means it can save you from that costly gym membership and daily trips to the gym. You just have to sit on this gym equipment and get set to exercise.

According to the manufacturer, the Wonder Core Smart is the ultimate way to work on your core and ab muscles. It promises you to bring your body in the best shape possible. With resistance springs on both its sides, this gym equipment can be used for 8 different exercises besides cardio.

The Wonder Core Smart is the replacement for the earlier Wonder Core machine, which was much larger than the newer version. This exercise machine can be used by anyone, including both novices as well as advanced users. It accompanies one DVD with two 30-minute workout programs, which guide you in your ab workout. This DVD is very simple and clear-cut.

Dimensions and construction

The Wonder Core Smart has dimensions of 37 (height) x 54 (width) x 55 (diameter) inches. It has a durable and strong construction. It is made of a sturdy frame without any scraping or squeaks on the metal.

This gym equipment comprises a seat and 2 padded arms or legs that move. Its ingenious design cleverly hides the precision dials and interlocking springs on its each side, which control the arms on this machine. Moreover, these dials and springs provide this exercise machine an adjustable resistance with 21kg and 10kg resistance on all sides.

The Wonder Core Smart is compact, which makes it easy to fold and store away anywhere in your home. Owing to this, you can also carry it anywhere with you and complete your exercise routine anywhere and at any time.

Exercising capabilities

The Wonder Core Smart is an improved design as compared to the older model of Wonder Core. It works on your whole core, including lower, middle, as well as upper abs, along with your body’s oblique with laser-like precision. This gym equipment is a combination of 8 great exercises along with cardio, including sit-ups or crunches, bridge, push-ups, scissor kicks, triceps, forearm or biceps, bicycling, and ab tucks.

Since this exercise machine has adjustable resistance through its dual resistance springs, it can work in both directions on every rep. This means there is no wasted effort or time since your muscles experience the whole motion range, which, in turn, gives you an incredible core workout by challenging your abs and strengthening your core muscles.

You do not have to leave behind your current exercise and gym regime since you can use the Wonder Core Smart together with your existing diet and exercise plan. When you use this machine as indicated and regularly, you can get the 6-pack abs that you have always desired.

Wonder Core Smart Assembly

The Wonder Core Smart comes pre-assembled, which makes it very easy to set it up. Since the Wonder Core Smart comes fully assembled, you do not have to waste your time in setting it up. You just have to read the easy-to-follow instruction manual that comes with this exercise machine and adjust its strength by turning the knob placed at the frame’s end.

Wonder Core Smart accessories and warranty

The Wonder Core Smart comes with one DVD that offers two 35-minute workouts. The two workout sessions lead you through particular exercises that strengthen, tighten, and tone your abs as well as other core muscles.

The Wonder Core Smart also accompanies an exercise guide that explains the exercises you can do with this gym equipment, along with easy diagrams of the workout exercises. It comes with an extended warranty of 3 years offered free of cost. Plus, you also get to take a 60-day trial of this machine, and if you do not like it, you can get your money back.

Advantages of using the Wonder Core Smart

  • Compact and easy to fold and store away anywhere
  • Fully assembled
  • Comes with easy-to-follow workout DVD and nutrition and exercise guide
  • Comes with an anti-slip mat that protects your floors from scuffs and scratches
  • Versatile; 8 in 1 exercise tool
  • Simple to use as anyone can use this gym equipment
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Works very well on your core abs

Disadvantages of the Wonder Core Smart

  • Not a complete body workout system as the manufacturers claim
  • Exercise DVD is a bit too easy
  • Not for regular gym goers who have access to any specific ab gym equipment

Customer reviews

A lot of people like the Wonder Core Smart and its results. After using this exercise machine, they felt that they are in a better shape, toner, healthier, and full of energy. A lot of people like the folding feature of the Wonder Core Smart through which they can easily store it away anywhere.

Many users have claimed that the Wonder Core Smart makes exercising more comfortable, particularly on their back. They say that this wonderful gym equipment is very easy to use and they can do various types on exercises on this machine with the help of the easy-to-follow exercise chart and DVD.

However, a few customers complain that the Wonder Core Smart has very abysmal customer service. One user complains that their Wonder Core Smart machine broke just after one year of using it. Additionally, one reviewer said that they did not receive the anti-slip mat in the box, which obviously could be a glitch from the manufacturer’s side. A user said that they did the traditional sit-up format on the workout mat of this machine with their knees bent and experienced excess pressure on their lower back.

Bottom Line

The Wonder Core Smart targets your complete body core muscles in order to provide you with the ultimate complete body core toning and shaping workout. It is so effective that it can support you in attaining your fitness goals and getting those sexy six pack abs you have always dreamed.

The Wonder Core Smart is very versatile and allows you to create your very own exercises. Moreover, anyone can use the Wonder Core Smart machine, whether they are young, old, small, or big. This gym machine can help you get the desired shape and lose weight with a proper diet.

This gym equipment is for all those people who want abs and have a little extra weight around their middle tummy. It can provide such people with the best shape possible, when they use it as indicated, regularly, and with an appropriate diet.

Furthermore, the Wonder Core Smart is excellent for a home gym user in their everyday workout routine in order to develop their ab muscles. Its compact size makes it easy to store it away. However, if you go to the gym and can access any specific ab equipment, then you can give this machine a miss. You can also use the Wonder Core Smart if you are old or want to get back to fitness at a reasonable price and in the comfort of your home.