Wonder Core 2 Reviews

Wonder Core 2 Review: The perfect way to build your abs

Wonder Core 2 is a smart exercising machine offered by High Street TV. Although this machine is advertised by many other television channels too, this is the best platform where you can get this exercise equipment.

High Street TV is one of the largest as well as the most successful multi-channel retailer in the whole of the United Kingdom. It has four 24-hour committed shopping channels across Freesat and SKY. Moreover, High Street TV is advertised on more than 50 digital television channels in Ireland and the UK. You can buy their products from more than 9,000 retail outlets, including Amazon, Argos, Harrods, John Lewis, and other exalted retailers and major supermarkets around the country.

When talking about Wonder Core 2, which is one of the most popular products offered by High Street TV, it is the ideal way to sculpt your abs. It is the updated version of the older Wonder Core Smart machine. Since it’s a new model, it boasts of being a revolutionary 12-in-1 abs making system. Through this review, we will tell you whether the Wonder Core 2 really stands up to its claim or if it’s just a gimmick and nothing else.

Wonder Core 2 Assembly

The Wonder Core 2 comes in a partly assembled state, though it is very easy to assemble. However, since it accompanies a comprehensive well-documented instruction manual, it is very easy to assemble on your own.

You can assemble the Wonder Core 2 machine around 30 to 45 minutes. Among others, the two major areas that you need to connect to this machine are its pulley system and the key frame. Wonder Core 2 also comes with a tiny screwdriver, which makes assembling the machine even easier.

Impressive build quality

The Wonder Core 2 workout machine is a great addition to your existing workout regime. It is made of solid materials with a great design. With a tough gym-quality structure and adjustable resistance system, the Wonder Core 2 comes attached with a sturdy twisting seat that can handle a maximum weight of 120kg without any issues or noises. Its metal frame looks expensive and has nice rowing capabilities. You can easily fold this machine for storage.

Exercising abilities

The Wonder Core 2 machine can go over 180 degrees with an extensive motion range, which allows you to aim toward your core muscles. Its double resistance design allows your muscles to fire up throughout the motion. Its integrated twisting seat lets you target your oblique as well as stiffen your waistline.

The ergonomic back design of the Wonder Core 2 with new upper body attributes, like the integrated rower resistance bands, gives you a complete body workout by targeting your lower, middle, and upper abs, along with your chest, shoulders, oblique, back, traps, triceps, biceps, calves, and gluteus.

The rowing system of the Wonder Core 2 allows you to get a complete cardio workout in order to strengthen and tone your whole body. The arm pulley system allows you to use it in two major ways. Either you can use it behind your body or in front of it, wherein it acts like a rowing machine. This exercise machine targets your core muscle groups and complements your daily workout regime.

Wonder Core 2 accessories and warranty

The Wonder Core 2 comes with a workout DVD, which features 3 complete workouts of 30 minutes each that are led by fitness experts Jessica Starr (Ms. Bikini Universe) and Jordan Nevels. It also accompanies an instruction manual to help you in assembling the workout machine. The machine comes with a free 3-year extended warranty.

Advantages of using Wonder Core 2

  • Versatile since it is suitable for more than 12 main exercises
  • Improved ergonomic back design provides far better back support
  • New integrated rower resistance bands give you a complete body workout by targeting your lower, middle, and upper abs, along with your chest, shoulders, oblique, back, traps, triceps, biceps, calves, and gluteus
  • Comes with a complimentary nutrition plan, exercise guide, easy to follow instruction manual for setting up, and workout DVD
  • Easy to fold and store away
  • The thick foam cushion provides support to the crucial areas of the body like the neck and back with full support and minimal injury risks
  • High build quality

Disadvantages of Wonder Core 2

  • Not for people taller than 6 foot since the physical adjustments to this machine do not surpass this height
  • Takes more space than the original Wonder Core Smart machine
  • It focuses only on abs and not on the complete body workout aspect, unlike the original Wonder Core Smart machine

Customer reviews

Customers are pretty happy with the new improved Wonder Core 2. They have noticed a lot of difference between their previous body and the one that they have after using the Wonder Core 2 for a few weeks. The change was apparent in their abdomen area with better ab muscles.

People love the consistent high quality of the Wonder Core 2. They say it is a perfect addition to their cardio and weights regime at home. Its difficulty levels can be easily adjusted as you progress in your exercise regime.

Some reviewers say that the Wonder Core 2 saves their trip to the gym. The machine is really easy to assemble and use, strong, as well as versatile. They found that the DVD that comes with the Wonder Core 2 comes in handy and informs them how to use the machine in an easy way, along with easy exercises that targeted various areas of their body.

Many people say that the Wonder Core 2 is easy to set up, though some of them are against this point. One reviewer said that the Wonder Core 2 is not as good as it is claimed. Moreover, one reviewer complained that this workout machine is not appropriate for people who are taller than 6 foot and 2 inches. One commenter who was 6 foot 1 inch said that he found the machine smaller for his stature. This means if you are tall, you need to give this point due consideration.

Bottom line

The Wonder Core 2 is a versatile workout machine. With a compact design, this exercising equipment is not much bigger. The pulleys and hinges in this machine allow you to finish various workouts, including rowing or arm exercise routines, sideways crunches, and standard sit-ups.

The Wonder Core 2 accompanies a sheet that has instructions as well as pictures for many exercises that you can do using this machine, including basic situps, downward ab press, twisted sit-ups, pulley sit-ups, low rowing, vertical rowing, leg curls, and shoulder press. It also comes with a 30-minute DVD, which explains these exercises in more detail.

The Wonder Core 2 is the best selling core and abs workout device. Its pulley system for chest, shoulders, and arms and a twisting seat are a great addition. And, with all these extras, it is still priced almost similar to the original Wonder Core machine, Wonder Core Smart.

With many positive customer reviews, the Wonder Core 2 is surely great. This brilliant workout machine is best suited for both beginners as well as intermediate users. Anyone who wants to begin with a new ab workout regime can use the Wonder Core 2 with superb quality. Moreover, it is very versatile and worth the investment, which you won’t regret.