Tyme Curling Iron Reviews

Tyme Curling Iron Reviews

If getting your hair ready for a date or work has been a burden of late, Tyme Iron has the answer. The product will not only save your time but allow you to create those lovely curls you seek with reduced amount of tension and heat.

Tyme Iron is one of the most talked about hair tools set up to help women look beautiful in less time. It functions as a hair curler and straightener and can meet all your styling needs. It creates different hair styles, ranging from loose beachy ways down to tighter and beautiful curly ringlets.

Considering its features and concept, Tyme Iron looks promising. The idea behind the product is great – to help women spend less time on getting hair ready for any outing from the comfort of their homes.

But, with all the claims and hype, the question is, do the Tyme Iron live up to expectation? Read on to get the answers you seek!

Features – Width and Heat

The Tyme iron, with a width of 1 1/2 is said to a portable and durable hair straightening and curling tool. The small size and comfortable weight make it convenient to take along when travelling.

According to the manufacturers, the iron does not shut off on its own even when it gets hot. It means you don’t have to spend hours waiting for the hair tool to pick up when it shuts off and comes on again.

Compared with a standard curling iron, Tyme iron takes approximately 30 minutes to heat up, so there is no waiting or wasting of your precious time. It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to give you better control of your hair and allow you to have the hair style of your choice, according to claims.

The Tyme Iron does not come with heat settings, as seen in other similar products. But the company explained on their FAQ page that the reason for the absence of the heat settings is because many people do not use the right amount of heat to get a good result.

Features – Construction and Materials used

What’s most important in any electronic product is the quality of materials used for construction. The Tyme Iron’s construction looks solid and attractive. It also consists of gold-plated titanium plates which are said to deliver negative ionic charges than others made with ceramic plates.

The gold-plated titanium plates are also believed to be the reason the iron offers better transfer of heat to the hair than most hair tool at this price point. It locks hydration in and prevents damage and also care for your hair. The titanium plate on the Tyme Iron is just ½ inch flat.

In addition to the premium quality plates, Tyme Iron comes with a unique rotating swivel cord that allows you to reach the back of your head with ease.

The hair tool also comes with top quality heat sleeve that let you store and travel with the hair tool conveniently. The sleek design of the sleeve and iron makes both easy to use and offers superior functionality.

Where the product is manufactured and Warranty

Tyme is a US-based company that is innovatively engaged in creating high-end beauty products for women. The Tyme Iron is said to be a 2-in-1 product and function as both straightener and curler.

Tyme seems to have some level of confidence in their products. They offer buyers one warranty.

Advantages of the Tyme Iron

    Durable construction

    Very portable

    Come with a super heat sleeve for traveling and proper storage

    The heating sleeve stores the iron well even though it is hot. So you do not need to wait for it to cool down to take it out with you.

    It comes with a long cord that allows you to move freely.

    The product comes built with high-grade platinum material

    Works well for quite a lot of hair types

    2-in-1 product and functions as a straightener and curler.

    You can easily find instructional videos on how to use the product online.

Disadvantages of the Tyme Iron

    The iron is more expensive than similar products

    It does not come with an auto shut-off system, only the on and off switch.

    It has just one temperature setting.

    It is easy to master how to use it correctly.

Final Verdict

Looking at the features, design, and quality of materials used for constructing the Tyme Iron, there is no reason for it not to perform well. And coupled with the fact that it works as both straightener and curler, Tyme Iron appears as one of the best hair tools with such functionality you can get at this price point. It is also very durable and comfortable to travel with.

Customer reviews

  1. The design is great, but I must confess, learning how to use it is not so easy. But after many days and many hours spent, I got used to it. But then I still stop, double check and rethink if I am doing it right. I also found that using heat protect spray helps.

Mary, USA...****4.5stars

  1. I use the iron few times every week, and it gives my hair some nice gentle waves. Well, I like how the waves look, but comparing the price and result I am getting, I think the iron is on the expensive side. I want something similar to what I see in the videos, but I haven’t gotten it yet. I have a very thick hair, though and I guess it’s the cause of that.

Susan, UK....****4 Stars

  1. I have never been good with curl iron. And sadly, my hair doesn’t even stay curl after using one. But after using the Tyme Iron, I noticed some improvement and fell completely in love with it. The Tyme Iron holds a curl well. The videos were also very helpful too. They taught me how to use it right.

Jennifer, UK....***** 5Stars

  1. The design of this product and concept behind it is great. But I have tried to curl my hair with it to no avail. I have watched many videos too. So it is not that I am not using it well. I only use it as a straightener, with some minimal result. Anyway, it is still worth the money.

Love, P. USA......*****4stars

  1. I got this for my wife last year June, and she loves it. At first, it took her about two days to learn and master how to use it well. Now she spends less time making her hair.

Paul, USA....*****5stars

  1. The Tyme Iron is the best hair tool I have ever owned. Though, I have a naturally curly type of hair that is tough to keep straight. But this Iron was able to give me the result I wanted.

Grace, USA....*****5stars