Power airfryer XL review: A good choice for oil free, crisp and tasty foods

Power Airfryer XL is manufactured and marketed by Tristar Products Inc. The company is leading name in the product marketing industry. The company has over 25 years of experience in the direct response sector dominating the industry with its expertise and capability in the domestic as well as international segment. Some of the well-known brands of the company include Ab Roller, Genie Bra, Health Master Elite, Clear TV, Aqua Rug, Fusion Juicer, Power Juicer, Copper Chef and more.

Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe is one of the popular products by Tristar that promises convenience, competence and health with its innovative no oil frying technology.  You can have all your favorite fried foods without worrying about the oil content in it. Power Airfryer helps cook fried foods like French Fries, fried chicken, onion rings, fish sticks, chicken tenders, pizza bagel bites, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins and more. The Air Fryer is also ideal for making decadent desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, fruit crisps, apple pie and more. Is Power AirFryer an ideal solution for your no-oil fried food cravings? Here is a detailed review of the product that will help you decide.

Important features of Power Airfryer XL

Power Airfryer lets you cook delicious and tasty fried foods for your family with little or no oil. From zucchini sticks to fruit crisps, Power Airfryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods that have almost 80% fewer calories when compared to conventional frying. Here is a closer look at the features of Power Airfryer XL.

Rapid air technology

Power AirFryer XL has rapid Turbo Cyclonic air system that produces super-heated whirlwind of air, which fries food to crispiness without adding calories or fat to it. The technology allows you to bake, steam, air fry, roast, grill and sauté effortlessly.

You can now make all your favorite fried foods including fast foods like French Fries with very low calories and without compromising the taste. The foods you fry in Power Air Fryer XL have the same texture and taste of foods fried in oil. You also get to avoid Trans-fats and oil, and the annoying greasy mess that frying foods in oil causes.

One touch convenience

Power Airfryer XL uses innovative 7 in 1 technology for frying foods. You can now have tasty and crispy fried foods with a single touch. All you have to do is place the food to be fried in the air fryer , select from the seven cooking functions that are preset using the digital panel and your food will be ready in no time.

With the one touch digital panel, you can easily eliminate guesswork while choosing the time for each type of food you fry, roast, bake and sauté.  The single touch feature gives you the same delicious taste and quality, every time you cook food in the fryer.

Safe and mess free frying

Power Airfryer XL has good safety features inbuilt in the fryer including a closed cooking design that prevents creating any mess or injury, and a digital control for temperature so the air fryer does not overheat. The flameless fryer thus gives you a safe and mess free frying function, so you need not worry about accidents while using it.

Dimensions and weight

Power Airfryer XL is available in two capacities a 3.4 quart model with dimensions of 12.8 inches height, 11.4 inches width and 13.2 inches in depth. This is sufficient for cooking for 2 to 4 persons.  The 5.3 quart deluxe model serves 4 to 6 people and has dimensions that include 14.5 inches in height x 12.5 inches in width x 14.9 inches in depth.   The 5.3 quart deluxe model weighs 12 pounds.

Simple and fast action

Cooking with Power airfryer XL is a breeze as you need to just load the ingredients in the fryer, use the one touch preset timings to choose from the 7 programs and enjoy the fat and calorie free fried foods.  The digital timer has automatic shut off feature, so you need not hover near the fryer until the food is ready.

Smart construction

Power Airfryer XL package includes air fryer, cooking tongs, pizza pan and baking insert.  The airfryer is made of an inner basket that has nonstick covering and a handle that is easy to grip and cool to touch. A recipe book in full color and baking pan provided help in cooking food faster and tastier. The exterior design is sleek and attractive with digital display to indicate the one touch preset programs that are 7 in number.

Efficient and quick cooking

Power Airfryer XL is designed to preheat quickly. It has a capacity of 1700 watts and can cook foods to ta temperature of about 400 degrees. Most importantly, it is capable of cooking food faster than the conventional ovens.  The high cooking temperature and turbo cyclonic power ensure cooking is a fast and hassle free job all the time.

After cooking cleanup

Cleanup is quite easy with the air fryer.  The fry basket and outer basket are easy to clean and fry basket is dishwasher safe, so it can be cleaned easily and thoroughly, if you are particular about using the dishwasher. Otherwise the hand cleaning takes only a few minutes and since you are using very little oil there is not much of a mess to clean in the first place.

Large cooking capacity

The 5.3 quart family size Power airfryer is quite large and can easily cook for a family of 4 to 6 people and the divider present in it lets you cook different food types simultaneously.

Recipe book

Power Air fryer recipe book with 25 recipes has several good recipes that you can easily try at home. And there are plenty of videos online for the recipes you can do in the Power air fryer. Many new kitchen appliances languish in the attic or garage due to lack of proper recipes or abundance of complicated recipes that are beyond comprehension. Power Air fryer however makes it easy to cook most of the popular fried foods and other types of foods too.

Good performance

With 1700 watts power and heating capacity to a high temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, Power air fryer provides very good performance. The heat is consistent and lets you fry foods without any grease making it a healthy option, if fried foods occupy a regular spot in your daily menu. And the very little oil used makes it easy to clean up, and the place does not have the oil smell or greasy appearance.

Where is Power Airfryer manufactured?

Power AirFryer is made by Tristar Inc., which is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. The company sells its products all over the United States and in other parts of the world catering to domestic and international customers efficiently. The parts of Power Air Fryer XL are made in China and imported.

The company provides a limited manufacturer warranty of 60 days. For any complaints related to the product or any other queries, you can approach the customer service department of the company at 1-973-287-5129 or send an email to the following address: info@powerairfryer.com The customer service operates from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8.00pm EST and from 9 am to 5 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. You can also visit www.customerstatus.com 24/7, for knowing the latest info on your order.

Advantages of Power Airfryer

  • Cooking performance is good
  • Design is sleek and the model is available in two different colors
  • Nonstick basket is dishwasher safe
  • Has patented air chamber with vents
  • Smart sensor detects whether the food is cooked or not
  • The air fry heats up very quickly in two to three minutes
  • The menu is simple and easy to navigate and use
  • Cleanup of outer and inner fry basket is easy

Disadvantages of Air Fryer

û  The cooking time and temperature cannot be adjusted manually

û  Taste is not like the conventionally fried foods

û  It is best only for pre-fried foods like frozen chicken strips, French fries etc.

û  It is just a modified convection oven

û  The presets are not of much help and can be confusing to use

û  The frying rack does not circulate hot air properly when food is stacked on top of one another

û  The steaming option does not work properly

û  Expensive price

Customer reviews

Customers who had bought Power Airfryer find it easy to operate, fast, healthy and fun to cook in. The air fryer operates quietly and is great for foods like French fries, blooming onions, and baked potato all of which look and taste better than when they are done in an oven. Even steaks grilled in the fryer were done perfectly, according to a customer.  Most of the customers mention that it is very easy to clean and that the food was free of greasiness.

However there are many negative reviews for the product too. Many customers had to struggle with fitting in the outer basket, especially when it is hot. Removing the fryer basket and reinserting it is very difficult. Further the settings for temperature and time are not proper and are too hot and long, and do not fit for most of the foods. And the recipes in the cookbook given are not accurate. A few customers mention about the longer shipping times, less than good customer support and issues with the handle of the fryer.

With the amount of negative feedback you are sure to think of alternate choices, which are available in plenty both online and locally. You can find models of different configurations and sizes including Philips Air fryer, which is a bit expensive and reasonably priced models such as Nuwave, Cooklite and Big Boss.

Bottom Line

Air fryers are intended to reduce the amount of oil or fat you use for cooking, but produce results similar to foods fried or cooked with liberal oil or fat. Although basically air fryers are nothing but a modernized version of traditional convection ovens, they can produce good results mostly. And if you are particular about eating fried foods and other oily stuff sans oil and want it done fast the air fryers are ideal. Power Air Fryer attempts to meet with the basic criteria of air fryers with its innovative on touch cooking design and fast cooking technology.

The nonstick coating of the fry basket makes it easy to cook and clean and the design elements including the fry baskets and handle are easy to use mostly. The recipe book needs some thorough editing and checking for accuracy. But with drawbacks like difficulty in inserting and removing the basket when it is hot, and issues with the shipping and customer service, you need to consider other alternatives, especially those available locally. You can save on the shipping and handling charges and even find a better model at a much lower price. And you have to keep in mind that all recipes you try in the air fryer can be done in your convection oven too, with less oil and similar results.