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Nuwave Brio Airfryer Review

Looking for an easy, fast way to get food cooked at home minus all the hassle? Frying might be your cooking method of choice. Requiring very little time, effort, and process, frying has become the most common cooking procedures across different households, especially for home cooks who don’t want to spend hours over a steaming, hot stove.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to this kitchen cooking staple. For starters, frying requires the use of oil – a common denominator with lots of different cardiovascular diseases. Plus, fried food isn’t necessarily packed with vitamins and nutrients, causing weight gain and even obesity in individuals who partake in fried foods too often.

If you want to be able to leverage the ease of frying food without sacrificing the health benefits of the meals you prepare, it might be time you looked into an airfryer. These compact and efficient kitchen countertop appliances promise to give you the same, crispy fried food you love minus the time, effort, and health risks.

Of course, it’s no surprise that airfryers have endlessly flown off of shelves since they were released into the market. But with great demand comes a large number of different choices that might make the task of selecting a fryer difficult.

Wondering which one deserves your attention? The Nuwave Brio Airfryer is one of the favorites among buyers looking for a top rated option without breaking the bank. So if you want to find out whether this choice is a good fit for your needs and preferences, then keep on reading.

At a Glance

First impressions of the Nuwave Brio Airfyer don’t set it apart from other choices too drastically. Basically, it features the same design with a few tweaks here and there so as not to look identical with other airfryers.

Across its front panel, the Nuwave Brio Airfryer features a small digital panel that displays the temperature and time. Two buttons that control adjustable settings can also be found toward the bottom of the small screen.

The bottom half of the Brio Airfryer is a compartment drawer that users can pull out to load or unload the frying rack. The Brio can be purchased in 2 different capacities – the 3 quart and the 6 quart.

Easy Operation

Probably the main selling point for the Brio Airfryer is its simple operation. The device allows users to control time and temperature, making it much easier to start the frying process with little need for guesswork.

Across the top of the digital panel is a guide that helps users figure out what times and temperatures work best with certain food. Different ingredients like chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables can be fried to perfection by simply following the indicated time and temperature suggested by the manufacturer.

Accurate Measurements for Perfect Results

Another thing that buyers appreciate with the Brio Airfryer is the fact that it allows much more accurate measurements compared to other airfryers on the market. For instance, some competitors’ models will only allow users to adjust temperatures by 10 degrees at a time, which can make it a challenge to achieve optimal heat settings.

With the Brio Airfyer, that ceases to be a problem. The device allows as little as 5 degree adjustments, making it much more possible for users to optimize and fine tune the cooking process to meet their needs and preferences.

A Versatile Companion

Of course, frying isn’t the only thing that you do in the kitchen. There are a variety of other cooking methods you might want to try out – so why limit yourself by buying an appliance that can only allow you to fry?

Understanding that buyers often look for greater functionality and versatility out of their purchases, the Brio Airfryer was designed to take on a variety of other ingredients and cook them in ways other than just frying. The device can be used to roast, sauté, and even bake, making it a great choice if you want something that you can use for a variety of different recipes you want to try.

Simple, Convenient Clean-Up

Another thing that makes cooking tedious and tiring is the clean-up process that follows. Aside from having to prepare the meals themselves, we often have to clean up afterwards, taking up a lot of time and energy that many of us would much rather not spend.

The Nuwave Brio Airfryer makes all of that easy by giving you a dishwasher safe basket that you can clean effortlessly after each use. Plus, because the appliance doesn’t use oil, you won’t have to worry about the greasy residue left behind by frying with oil. This also prevents the appliance itself from becoming slimy and greasy over time, which commonly happens to kitchen appliances and cookware pieces that are too often exposed to oil.

Your Safety in Mind

One of the hazards with airfryers is that sometimes, they can spew hot ingredients from the drawer – especially if it isn’t properly secured. So the makers of the Nuwave Brio Airfryer made sure buyers won’t have to deal with that safety concern.

The device features a unique locking system that prevents the program from starting if it detects that the drawer hasn’t been properly closed. This makes sure that you won’t have to deal with the possible accidents and injuries that could happen as a result of a faulty frying compartment.

Healthier for the Family

The Brio Airfryer makes a great pick if you’re looking out for the wellbeing of your family. Because no one wants to put their loved ones at risk of poor health, this kitchen appliance offers an easy solution that won’t leave you slaving in the kitchen for hours.

The airfryer uses zero oil – or as little as a teaspoon, depending on your preference. Despite the lack of oil however, the device can still cook your food to perfection, giving you crunchy, crispy, and delicious fried food in minutes.

Fast, Efficient, Reliable

Tired of spending time in the kitchen, cooking meals for the family, and losing precious time that you could have been using on other more productive activities? The Brio Aifryer lets you prepare delicious meals for your loved ones even when you’re not there to watch over the cooking process.

Simply load the fryer, set your chosen temperature and time, and wait for the device to finish cooking your food for effortless, fast, and delicious meals minus all the effort.

Pros of the Nuwave Brio Airfryer

  • Simple, convenient controls for effortless and straightforward operations.
  • Accurate temperature settings, with 5 degree adjustment increments for superior fine tuning.
  • Compact design can easily fit on top of any kitchen counter.
  • No need to watch over your meals – just load the device and leave it to cook.
  • Minimal to no oil required means you can prepare lots of delicious meals for your family minus the health risks.
  • Versatile kitchen companion that you can use for a variety of different recipes.

Cons of the Nuwave Brio Airfryer

  • No viewing window means you may not be able to see your food as it cooks.
  • No available presets on the 3 quart capacity version reduces the convenience that the device could have offered.


Healthier, easier, and much less effortful, cooking with the Nuwave Brio Airfryer might seem like a dream for most. Of course, it does have its flaws, but at the end of the day, it’s multiple times better than any old frying method you may have been using all these years.

So is it worth the cost? In our opinion – yes. So if you’re looking for a top quality product that won’t disappoint, the Nuwave Brio Airfryer is definitely worth checking out.