Hurricane Spin Scrubber Reviews

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review: Ideal Cleaning Tool To Decimate Unsightly Stains

Telebrands is one of the oldest names in direct response industry and the creator of As Seen On TV brand category and logo. Founded by AJ Khubani in 1983, the corporation has been introducing inventive and highly useful products for consumers providing them with effective solutions for their day to day challenges, while saving time and money.

The company successfully markets its products via Print media, Internet and TV ads. The products are sold in almost all major retail outlets in the world. PedEgg, Pasta Boat, Bottle Tops, Go Duster, Orgreenic and Stick Up Bulb are some of the popular products the company develops and markets. 

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is one of the products developed and marketed by Telebrands Corporation. It is a powerful scrubber that makes short work of removing soap scum, dirt, grime and mildew. The rechargeable and cordless scrubber is designed with an extension rod for better access and the corner brush attachment is just right for cleaning fixtures and shower tracks.

Is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber capable of giving a squeaky clean bathroom? Let us go into the product features in detail and decide.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber features

Cleaning the bathroom is always a tedious and backbreaking job that tires you out easily. Most often than not, you resort to using harsh and toxic chemicals to get the tiles clean and shiny. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber helps you get rid of the all the grime, mold and mildew without using any harsh chemicals.  Here are some of the outstanding features of the scrubber:

Dimensions and weight

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a light weight product that can be easily used to get sparklingly clean results. The product dimensions include 5.9 inches x 21.4 inches x 6.4 inches. The scrubber weighs 2.6 pounds.

Product package

The product package includes the following

  • Cordless scrub brush
  • Rechargeable battery inbuilt in the brush
  • 3 brush heads
  • Storage bag made of mesh cloth
  • Charger (AC adapter)
  • Extension arm

Easy and effortless cleaning

 If you are riddled with back pain or arthritis, the scrubber is an ideal choice as it helps you do a thorough cleaning job without having to exert yourself. The extension rod and scrubbing heads help you to clean all hard to reach areas without having to stretch or bend. The powerful brush head cleans effortlessly without having to use much force. You need not get into the bathtub to scrub your shower clean as the extension rod makes it easy to reach while you stand outside the tub.

Versatile use

The powerful blasting action of the Hurricane Scrubber has versatile uses both outdoors and indoors. The cordless feature and easy rechargeable batteries make way for effective and efficient cleaning whenever and wherever you want. 

The scrubber is effective for use in showers, sinks, behind toilets and in bathtubs in bathrooms, while in the kitchen it can clean all storage cabinets and cupboards that are difficult to reach and the floors. The scrubber is also effective in the laundry room where you can clean the dryers, behind the washer area and the laundry sink.

Outdoor uses of the scrubber include cleaning garage doors, tiles in the swimming pool, patio furniture, patio doors, decks and perimeters of your garden. It can be used to clean your boat decks, boats and docks too. The powerful scrubbing action lends way to multiple cleaning uses.

Effective cleaning

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is designed to produce a powerful scrubbing action. The scrubber brush produces 300 rotations per minute. The incredible torque action powered by inbuilt batteries that are rechargeable, help to blow away stains caused by hard water, soap and calcium easily.

The bristles in the brush are flexible and hence clean even the most inaccessible crevices, cracks, shower tracks and corners leaving behind a sparklingly clean space without having to use harmful and abrasive cleaning agents.

Innovative design

The exceptional design ensures that you need not exert overly to remove even the most stubborn stains. You have to just hold the spin scrubber in position and let it do all the work. The powerful spinning action cleans up in a very short time.

The spin scrubber has a very convenient design making it easy to hold while it does its spinning action. The handle with comfortable grip does not vibrate when the scrubber is used.  The cordless rechargeable battery powered brush also sports flexible brush bristles that can reach all crevices and cracks and give a thoroughly clean area and without much effort on your part.

The brush works effectively when you do not apply too much pressure. You have to just control the scrubber handle and allow the brush to work its magic.

Long lasting power

The inbuilt Nickel Cadmium battery in the spinner brush can last for over two hours. This helps to use the scrubber outdoors for a longer span without worrying about access to an electric outlet. And the cordless feature also avoids having to maneuver around with the power cord, which can hamper your movement largely.

Nickel Cadmium is used instead of NiMH battery, as though the latter gives a better performance it can heat up quickly and damage the motor.  The scrubber is capable of lasting for 6 to 8 hours on a full charge. It has to be on charge for about 20 hours, when you are using it for the first time.

Where is Hurricane Spin Scrubber manufactured?

Hurricane spin scrubber is made by Telebrands based in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA. The product comes in the wake of the tremendous success of Spin Mop also by Telebrands. Both products are imported and marketed by Telebrands.

Warranty and customer service

The manufacturer provides a money back assurance for 10 years on Hurricane Spin Scrubber purchase.  For queries regarding the product and complaints, the customer care department can be reached at the number 1-855-235-2093 from 7 am to 12 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday  and from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time, on Saturday and Sunday. Mail can also be sent to the customer care department at the following address:

Telebrands Customer Care

79 Two Bridges Road

Fairfield, NJ 07004

For tracking order status you can visit and enter the Billing phone number.

Advantages of Hurricane Spin Scrubber

  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Bag for storing brushes helps in easy storage and saves space
  • Works effectively on high spaces and tight corners
  • Good for deep cleaning
  • Soaks liquid well preventing any messy overflow while cleaning
  • The brush functions as advertised

Disadvantages of Hurricane Spin Scrubber

  • Customer service does not respond properly to refund requests or complaints on product use
  • Handle is very flimsy and breaks when pressure is applied
  • The short handle without extension is not comfortable for use
  • Does not remove hard water stains as advertised
  • Mechanism for locking the extension rod is very flimsy and keeps cutting the power off
  • Brushes get ruined with just a few uses
  • Have to hold it in the same spot for some time to clean it fully
  • Motor is noisy

Customer reviews

Customers who bought Telebrands Hurricane Spin Scrubber find that it is good for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Many customers mention that it does a far better job than by scrubbing with hand.

The scrubber works only when you do not apply too much pressure. With more pressure, the motor starts stalling. A few users have mentioned how it is easy to clean grout and tile easier.

The extension rod eliminates constant bending one has to do while cleaning the bathtub or tiles. The scrubbing brushes are much appreciated by users.

But there are negative reviews for the product too. A few users mention how the scrubber did not function after a few times of using it. The design of the handle is also not proper as a user commented that it has an awkward grip.

The bristles of the rounded big brush do not come in contact with the tile evenly with only a part of the bristles touching the tile. A few users mention that the vibration from the spinning hurts the upper back and neck region. 

And contrary to what is advertised, the corner cleaning brush tip is a bit large and does not reach all corners.  Many mention that the power is not sufficient for proper cleaning.

Bottom Line

Telebrands Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a useful product that makes cleaning job in and around your home a breeze.  The cordless and rechargeable scrubber with powerful spinning motion definitely reduces the abrasive and harmful cleaning agents you use for cleaning.

The simple design, light weight body and accessories are big advantages, but if you have hard water stains to clean this is not an ideal product, as the power is not sufficient to remove the hard water stains and other tough to remove stains.

Considering the money you shell out for this product and the various drawbacks mentioned, you should think of alternatives like Tub N Tile scrubber, which has far more positive review. Clorox Scubtastic and Turbo Scrub are other similar models to consider, if you want a more thorough cleaning job done efficiently and quickly.