Copper Chef Reviews

Whether you’re hoping to improve the quality of your dishes or simply trying to ease the process of cooking, your cookware should be the first thing you think about changing. If you’ve been using worn out, damaged, poor quality cookware, you should expect to spend more time and effort in the kitchen.  And as if that’s not reason enough to make a change, using the wrong cookware could also have a negative impact on the food you cook.

No doubt, proper cookware is an investment – especially if you want to give your family the best quality meals without having to break your back in the kitchen. The only question now is – what cookware proves to be the best for your needs?

For lots of buyers, the Copper Chef line of cookware proves to be the best kitchen companion on the market. Made from high quality materials and boasting a unique, efficient design, the Copper Chef brand promises to ease your everyday stints in the kitchen while improving the quality of your meals all together.

Are you wondering whether Copper Chef will meet your standards and expectations? Here we’ve put together a comprehensive review on the best Copper Chef cookware pieces and accessories to help you decide whether or not to make that purchase.

The Copper Chef Brand

There are lots of different cookware brands on the market. So what exactly is it that sets Copper Chef apart from other choices?

One of the main features that puts the Copper Chef pots and pans a cut above the rest is its 5-layer construction. Each Copper Chef piece boasts this durable, efficient, and long-lasting construction that promises not only to cook your food faster, but to make it easier for you all together.

The outermost layer of the Copper Chef 5-layer construction is the stainless steel induction base. This is primarily responsible for conducting heat to make sure that your food gets cooked as fast as possible.

Second to the induction base is the high temperature exterior coating which helps conduct heat and protect all other layers for the damage caused by wear and tear. The third and middle layer – called the aluminum core – then distributes the heat across the cooking surface of the pan for consistent results no matter where on the piece you might choose to place your food.

The second to the topmost layer is a non-stick ceramic coating that protects the rest of the layers from scratches and damage that may be caused by the user with cooking utensils. Finally, the entire construction is topped off by a double-top layer made of polished ceramic coating, to make the non-stick surface last for years against wear and tear.

This unique construction is what makes the Copper Chef brand one of the front runners in the market. Combined with its superior aesthetic appeal and its ultra large capacity, the Copper Chef brand makes one of the best kitchen investments in the market today.

The Copper Chef XL

Probably one of the most versatile and top rated pieces from the Copper Chef brand is the Copper Chef XL. This extra large casserole measure 11 inches and features the unique Copper Chef construction that made the brand popular in the first place.

The Copper Chef XL is the perfect choice if you’re hoping to invest in a versatile piece of cookware that can replace several other pieces and appliances in your kitchen. It was designed to fry, roast, bake, grill, steam, and a variety of other cooking processes you might use in your kitchen. The Copper Chef XL was also designed to replace several different appliances in your space so you can get more done with a single piece of cookware.

Finally, the Copper Chef XL can be purchased in combination with a lid, a steam rack, a frying basket, a Copper Chef cookbook, and a single heater induction cooktop. So if you’re looking for the best value for your money’s worth, this single purchase will give you a fully equipped kitchen at a minimal cost.

Pros of the Copper Chef XL

  • Ultra large capacity allows users to load the casserole with more ingredients, to cook a large feast in one go.
  • Comes bundled with several Copper Chef accessories and inclusions that add another dimension of versatility to the casserole itself.
  • Presentable design and solid copper aesthetic makes it easy to display in your kitchen, or to use as a serving dish straight from the stove.
  • Highly versatile, taking on the role of several other appliances and cookware pieces so you can save space in your kitchen.
  • Durable and long lasting, promising to provide you long years of problem-free use even with everyday wear and tear.

Cons of the Copper Chef XL

  • Can be too bulky for some kitchens, making it hard to store.
  • Non-stick surface is not impervious to metal cooking utensils, so it may become damaged if users cook with the wrong utensils or make the mistake of soaking metal utensils in the Copper Chef XL when washing.

The Copper Chef Round Pan

Of course, the humble round pan is a kitchen staple that never leaves the standard household setup. Versatile and easy-to-use, the round pan design has become an everyday necessity in most kitchens – whether residential, or commercial.

The Copper Chef round pan is one of the best in the market, featuring that same, familiar shape and size, while providing greater durability and efficiency. With the Copper Chef’s unique 5-layer construction, the Copper Chef Round Pan makes it much easier to cook your favorite fried foods minus all the effort and time.

The pan comes in two different sizes – 10 and 12 inches – and features cool to touch riveted handles that make them easy and safe to handle, even when they’re fresh from the stove. The round copper pans also boast the Copper Chef non-stick technology that allows you to fry your food without worrying about anything sticking to the surface.

Pros of the Copper Chef Round Pan

  • Two different Copper Chef Round Pan sizes gives buyers more options that suit their needs and preferences.
  • Beautiful copper exterior and build makes it the perfect serving dish, or a worthy decorative piece for your kitchen.
  • Riveted handle doesn’t heat up, so you can handle your pan from the stove with ease and safety.
  • Non-stick technology makes clean up easy and fast, and prevents food from burning and sticking during the cooking process.

Cons of the Copper Chef Round Pan

  • Some users claim that the non-stick coating may not last quite as long, which means the pan may cause food to stick after some wear and tear.
  • Doesn’t come with a tempered glass lid, so you may have to spend extra to purchase one for the pan.

The Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

If you want a pan with a twist, the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan is the perfect choice. This 9.5 inch pan features a deeper structure and a square shape that allows users to place more ingredients at a single time. For instance, the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan’s unique shape makes it possible to cook an entire chicken in a single go.

The Copper Chef Square Fry Pan, unlike the typical round pan design, promises to replace up to 6 different pieces of cookware and appliances in your home. This includes a roasting pan, a rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok, and baking dish. So with a single piece of cookware, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped kitchen set-up.

With a capacity of over 4 liters, a solid 5-layer construction, superior non-stick technology, and a safe, riveted handle that stays cool to the touch, there’s very little else you’d want in a pan once you acquire your own Copper Chef Square Fry Pan.

Pros of the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

  • Square shape allows the pan to accommodate more ingredients in a single go, so you can cook more much faster.
  • Copper Chef aesthetic makes it the ideal serving dish.
  • Riveted handle doesn’t conduct heat, so you can use and handle the pan with ease and safety even if it’s fresh from the oven.
  • Large 4 liter capacity is perfect for cooking for large families or gatherings.
  • Comes with a tempered glass lid.

Cons of the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

  • Non-stick surface may give in to wear and tear after a few months of us, especially when improperly handled or cleaned.

The Copper Chef Wok

Woks are a unique type of frying pan that originated in China, where it’s still used today for a variety of recipes. The wok is ideal for cooking lots of different ingredients together in a small amount of oil over intense heat, cooking them quickly and serving them fresh, hot, and steaming from the stove.

If you’re looking for a good wok, the Copper Chef Wok won’t disappoint. Made with the same unique 5-layer construction that other Copper Chef cookware pieces use, the Copper Chef Wok promises to make the entire stir frying process easier and faster.

The wok features a 6 quart capacity, able to accommodate enough ingredients for a complete family meal. What makes it a great choice if you always find yourself whipping up stir fry meals is that the Copper Chef 5-layer construction allows it to conduct much more heat. Because stir frying requires cooking ingredients in high temperatures over just a short period of time, this wok helps bring out the best of your recipes.

Pros of the Copper Chef Wok

  • Extra large capacity makes it possible to prepare delicious wok recipes in a shorter span of time.
  • Superior heat conduction capacity allows users to use their wok the way it was intended – with high heat and short prep times.
  • Comes with a tempered glass lid, steaming rack, and a frying basket for added use and versatility.
  • Heats evenly across the entire cooking surface – including the sides – for perfect outcomes with each use.

Cons of the Copper Chef Wok

  • Can be quite large, especially for small kitchens with minimal storage space.

The Copper Chef Portable Induction Cooktop

Not to be outdone by other brands in the market, the Copper Chef brand has also come out with its own induction cooktop. This single burner cook top is lightweight, compact, and portable, making it ideal for smaller spaces or for people on the go.

The device features intuitive controls that make cooking easier, faster, and more convenient. On the front panel are several buttons that control power, temperature, and presets. Users have the option to select presets for specific ingredients, or to set the temperature to their own preference for a customized cooking process.

Across the center of the control panel is a large display that shows both the temperature and time. The timer option can be set to turn off the cook top once the countdown has been completed, to help prevent burnt or overcooked food.

Easy, small, and convenient, the Copper Chef Portable Induction Cooktop can make a great addition if you want a space saving kitchen, or if you want to have a cooktop you can easily take with you.

Pros of the Copper Chef Portable Induction Cooktop

  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for small kitchen spaces or for people who need a portable cooktop.
  • Presets make it easy to use without effort, allowing you to cook food to perfection minus all the guesswork.
  • Incrementally adjustable temperature settings allow a customized cooking process for specific ingredients and recipes.
  • Large display makes it easy to read and understand exactly how your cooktop is working.
  • Timer limits the chances of burnt or overcooked food.

Cons of the Copper Chef Portable Induction Cooktop

  • May take some time to heat up to higher temperatures.
  • Some may find the single burner not sufficient to sustain a whole kitchen or household.

The Copper Chef Pro 8-Piece Heavy-Duty Pan Set

For those who want an all-in-one purchase that fully equips their kitchen with everything they need to feed a hungry household, there’s the Copper Chef Pro 8-Piece Heavy-Duty Pan Set. It includes the 11 inch square fry pan, the 12 inch chicken fry pan, and the 10 inch Dutch oven with fry basket. All three pieces come with their own tempered glass lid, and also include a Copper Chef cookbook to help you make the most of each cookware.

All of the three cookware pieces boast the unique Copper Chef 5-layer construction, and promise to fully equip your kitchen with everything you need to create a variety of delicious meals with ease and speed. The heavy-duty set also promises reinforced construction which promises to last you even longer than other Copper Chef pots and pans do.

While they may seem more expensive up front, the Copper Chef Pro 8-Piece Heavy Duty Pan Set is actually much more economical than buying each piece separately. So because it saves you a whole lot more in the long run, this extensive set is definitely an investment you’d want to make for your kitchen.

Pros of the Copper Chef Pro 8-Piece Heavy-Duty Pan Set

  • Economical, complete set fully equips your kitchen in a single purchase, so you won’t have to buy multiple pieces at full price.
  • Heavy-duty Copper Chef construction gives each piece greater durability against daily wear and tear.
  • Non-stick coating is significantly more resilient compared to other Copper Chef cookware pieces.
  • Boasts the same, aesthetically pleasing Copper Chef design, perfect for keeping on display in your kitchen.

Cons of the Copper Chef Pro 8-Piece Heavy-Duty Pan Set

  • Includes 2 fry baskets, which may seem impractical for some users. The inclusion of a single fry basket and a different stainless steel inclusion could have extended the versatility of the set.

The Copper Chef 13-Piece Set

Now, if you’re out for something that will really set your kitchen up to create professional outcomes, then the Copper Chef 13-Piece Set is an investment you might want to make. This set is much more comprehensive than the last, consisting of a 9.5 inch round pan, a 4.5 quart capacity sauce pan, a 9.5 inch square fry pan, a 10 inch round pan, a fry basket, a steam rack, 2 Titan peelers, tempered glass lids for each pan, and a Copper Chef cookbook.

With so many different pieces included in the bundle, you basically purchase yourself the ability to toss out virtually every other piece of cookware in your kitchen, along with several appliances. The set is extensive, providing you every piece of cookware you might need to create a variety of dishes and meals in your very own kitchen.

What makes it a great choice – aside from the fact that each piece uses the unique 5-layer construction that has made the Copper Chef brand popular – is that the entire set saves you much more than if you would purchase each piece as a separate item. This is particularly ideal if you have plans of purchasing a Copper Chef cookware set, but don’t want to end up overspending on your purchase.

Pros of the 13-Piece Copper Chef Cookware Set

  • Comprehensive cookware set promises to fully equip your kitchen beyond the basics, so you can create delicious, professional-grade meals from the comfort of home.
  • Each piece comes with its own tempered glass lid, which isn’t common with most cookware sets.
  • Includes a variety of cookware piece designs, so you can get different use and versatility out of each item.
  • Comes with several other accessories that extend the use and versatility of the pots and pans.
  • Features the unique Copper Chef 5-layer construction for superior durability and efficiency in the kitchen.

Cons of the 13-Piece Copper Chef Cookware Set

  • The non-stick finish can peel off after a few months of use, which may cause some problems with cooking and cleaning.

The Copper Chef Cookbook

Because the Copper Chef line of cookware is advertised as a state-of-the-art selection, Eric Theiss – the brand’s founder – thought it fit to give users a list of unique recipes that help maximize the line of cookware. That’s how the Copper Chef Cookbook came into existence.

This extensive collection of never-before-seen recipes was put together by Eric Theiss himself, and teaches users how to get the most out of their Copper Chef cookware. The 130 recipes contained in the cookbook maximize flavor, reduce prep time, and eliminates the guesswork that many of us would have to go through in order to figure out how to make the most of each Copper Chef piece.

The cookbook features a variety of different dishes – from mouthwatering savory meals, to decadent sweet treats. This collection of recipes is guaranteed to help you become the kitchen whiz you’ve always wanted to be.

Pros of the Copper Chef Cookbook

  • Teaches users how to get the most out of each Copper Chef cookware piece.
  • Contains 130 different recipes that won’t only put a spin on your regular household menu, but will also ease the cooking and meal prep process.
  • Simple, easy to understand, step by step guide makes following the recipes straightforward and effortless.
  • Lots of different recipes to choose from, so you can create dishes for all occasions.

Cons of the Copper Chef Cookbook

  • Some recipes may seem complicated and complex, requiring some cooking skill in order to accomplish.

The Copper Chef Brand Versus Others in the Market

The Copper Chef brand of cookware isn’t the only one making leaps and bounds in the market. In fact, there are two other brands of cookware that come in close competition with the Copper Chef line. These are the Gotham Steel and the Red Copper brands. Now the question is – why should you choose Copper Chef over the others? Read on to find out.

More About the Gotham Steel Brand

A close contender against the Copper Chef brand is Gotham Steel. The brand is advertised by celebrated chef, Daniel Green, and promises a few features that are similar to the Copper Chef brand.

Similarities with Copper Chef

  • Non-Stick – Much like the Copper Chef brand, the Gotham Steel line of cookware promises a durable non-stick coating that’s much more resilient than Teflon.
  • Large Capacity – Another thing that the Gotham Steel brand boasts in similarity with the Copper Chef line is that it offers a much larger capacity than most other lines of cookware. This means you can cook lots of ingredients in a single go, eliminating the need to cook food in batches.
  • Price Range – Of course, to maintain competition in the market, the Gotham Steel brand costs just about the same as Copper Chef pots and pans.

Differences Between Copper Chef and Gotham Steel

  • Make and Material – The first and most glaring difference between the two brands is the make and material. The Gotham Steel brand uses a combination of titanium and ceramic to create a super durable non-stick surface and structure. Copper Chef on the other hand, uses a combination of copper and ceramic.
  • Heat Capacity – The Gotham Steel brand falls a little behind the Copper Chef brand in terms of heat capacity, as it can only sustain temperatures of up to 500°. Meanwhile, Copper Chef cookware can sustain heat of up to 850°.
  • Non-Stick Durability – While both choices are non-stick, the Gotham Steel promises a much more reinforced non-stick coating. In fact, Gotham Steel pots and pans can be used with metal utensils without damaging the coating – a feature that sadly isn’t offered by Copper Chef.
  • Uses – The Copper Chef pots and pans are mostly intended for roasting, frying, steaming, and baking, while the Gotham Steel line is made for grilling, and flambéing.

More About the Red Copper Brand

Endorsed by Cathy Mitchell – celebrity chef and television personality – the Red Copper brand of cookware has a look that’s very similar to the Copper Chef line. The only exception is that the Red Copper line features a solid, bright red exterior, which gives it a groovier, more exciting appearance than the sophisticated Copper Chef aesthetic.

Similarities with Copper Chef

  • Material – One of the first things that Red Copper and Copper Chef have in common is their material. Both brands use a combination of copper and ceramic in order to provide users superior durability and a resilient non-stick coating.
  • Appearance – In many ways, the Copper Chef and Red Copper brands look a lot in common. They both use a copper colored structure, with the main distinction that the Red Copper pots and pans feature a red colored exterior, which may appeal more to buyers who want something that looks more fun and exciting for their kitchen.
  • Uses – Finally, the Red Copper and Copper Chef pots and pans are also similar in terms of uses. Both brands leverage recipes for frying, roasting, and steaming, which puts them in the same league in terms of functionality and versatility.

Difference Between the Red Copper and Copper Chef Brands

  • Heat Capacity – Perhaps the main distinction between the two brands is the heat capacity. Of course, the Copper Chef brand leads the market with its superior 850° heat capacity which has yet to be seen with any other cookware line in its segment. The Red Copper pans compete with the Gotham Steel line however, as it also offers a 500° heat capacity.
  • Size – The Red Copper line of cookware is slightly smaller than the Copper Chef brand in general, giving you a smaller cooking capacity that may slow down your process – especially if you’re cooking for larger groups.

Which One Should You Get?

When it all comes right down to it, choosing between these three brands ultimately depends on what you want to do with your cookware. Because the Gotham Steel differs greatly from both the Copper Chef and Red Copper brands in terms of use, it would be wise to first consider what you do best in the kitchen to help you determine which brand is right for you.

If you’re stuck between the Red Copper and Copper Chef brand, the main consideration you’d have to make would be heat capacity and aesthetic. Keep in mind that the Copper Chef line of cookware offers a much higher heat capacity compared to any other option in the market, so if you like cooking with high temperatures, the Copper Chef line will not give in to damage, wear, and tear the same way that other brands will.

In terms of aesthetics, each brand brings something unique to the table. The Copper Chef offers a sophisticated, classy design that makes it easy to use as a serving dish, or to have on display in your kitchen for some added decorative appeal.

The Red Copper brings a little more excitement and fun, which may be ideal for buyers who want to add a bold accent to their kitchen space. Finally, the Gotham Steel line of cookware boasts a solid black exterior and a copper colored cooking surface, that makes it look more like traditional pots and pans that you might find in department stores and cookware speciality outlets.

So, have you decided which brand is best for you? At the end of the day, the Copper Chef line of cookware doesn’t disappoint. This highly sought after brand has proven itself in the market, and makes a worthy investment for anyone who wants something more than just a typical pot or pan.

The brand promises to deliver great results with each use, and while it does have some flaws (particularly when it comes to the non-stick coating) it does offer superior outcomes and efficient use that’s much more deserving of a purchase than any other line of cookware you’re likely to find.

So make sure to check out this top-rated cookware brand and find out just why thousands of others are raving over its efficient design, beautiful aesthetic, and superior value for your money’s worth.