Air Dragon Reviews

Air Dragon Review

Probably one of the most unsettling feelings that a car owner can have is driving their car to sense some disturbance with the way it’s working. Any sort of issue – no matter how small – can have monumental effects on your car’s efficiency and of course, your safety and that of your passengers. The most common problem cars experience while on the road? Tire issues.

There’s a big difference to be felt if you’ve got a deflated tire while you drive, and it can be very unsettling. The problem here is that while almost every gas station can pump you back up to peak performance in a jiffy, we won’t always be within driving distance of one.

The best way to keep yourself safe and sane on the road would be to have a trusty air pump in your trunk. These days, air pumps can be expensive and bulky to say the least, which is why many car owners find themselves second guessing whether or not these products are really worth the purchase.

If you’re in search for the best air compressor on the market, you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to talk about the Air Dragon – a premium air compressor device that promises to blow away your worries and keep you safe wherever the road may take you. Still not sure if you should take the leap and make the purchase? Find out what we learned about the Air Dragon Air Compressor by reading through this comprehensive review.

More About the Air Dragon

The Air Dragon Compressor is a handheld, portable air compressor that you can keep in handy at home or in your car. The main target market for the product are car owners who don’t want to deal with the fear and danger that comes with having poorly inflated tires, especially if there isn’t a gas station or auto repair shop in the vicinity.

The main body of the device is made with reinforced plastic, encasing a motor that generates the inflating power of the compressor. It comes with a set of nozzle attachments that allow users to change the compressor’s compatibility from tires, to basketballs, other sports balls, bikes, and a variety of other inflatables.

The device works by setting the desired pounds per square inch (PSI) and then plugging the end of the compressor into your tire. It automatically turns on to achieve the desired PSI measurement, and also turns of automatically once it’s reached.

There are lots of uses for the Air Dragon portable air compressor aside from car tires. As advertised, the device can also be used for sporting equipment like basketballs, bikes, and even inflatable pools. To make it safe for use on these other items, it comes with a set of nibs that you can attach to the end of the Air Dragon to make it compatible with things other than car tires.

Easy, portable, and fast, the Air Dragon is your answer to those usual car tire problems you might encounter on the road. In the end, you’re ultimately paying for a device that promises to keep you safe especially if you’re too far away from any facilities that could help address your tire issues.

Pros of the Air Dragon Compressor

·    Portable – This has to be its biggest benefit yet. Lots of car owners don’t want to use up trunk space to house a bulky air compressor. This nifty device can fit easily in a glove box or in a small corner of your trunk space to give you more room for things that are important.

·    Easy – No-brainer operation means anyone can fix a deflated tire with ease. Simply set the PSI and turn on the device to inflate the tire, and wait for the device to turn off.

·    Fast – It takes around 4 to 5 minutes to fully inflate a car tire, depending on the PSI level you’re trying to reach. Manufacturer instructions indicate that the Air Dragon shouldn’t be set to operate for more than 15 minutes at a time, so you can be sure to achieve desired PSI in less time than that.

·    Lightweight – Lots of people struggle to handle heavy air compressors that take a lot of energy and effort to use and manage. The Air Dragon eliminates that, allowing you to inflate tires, balls, bikes, and other items with one handed operation.

·    Powerful – Despite its small size, it can handle larger tires fitted on vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Go anywhere in confidence knowing you’ve got a powerful companion that can ease you out of any troubling tire situation.

Cons of the Air Dragon

·    Inaccurate – The PSI reading on the Air Dragon may be slightly inaccurate, giving readings of ±5 PSI. That said, it may work well as a temporary solution for a deflated tire, but it’s important that you head over to a gas station or auto repair shop to find out whether your tires are properly and safely inflated to the ideal measurement.

·    Instant Inflation – Once the Air Dragon is turned on, it will start to inflate immediately. Some find this a bit of a safety hazard, especially if it has yet to be fitted into the tire or item to be inflated.

·    Generates Heat – After the 5 minute mark, the Air Dragon will start to heat up in your hand. While it’s not enough heat to cause burns, it can get uncomfortable especially if you’re inflating for more than 5 minutes.

What Buyers Think

The Air Dragon is a great choice if you want to have a handy air compressor that you can use for a variety of household tasks and car maintenance duties. It’s portable, handheld, lightweight, and easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about clumsy set up and operation processes that make using an air compressor difficult and time consuming.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect product. There are some buyers who feel that the Air Dragon feels cheap and flimsy in the hand, making it something of a safety concern considering the pressure that the small device produces. Plus, it seems the compressor starts too soon, making it a hazard to use if you’re not quick on your feet.

All in all, the Air Dragon works as advertised and promises to keep your tires in peak condition no matter where you may be. But some design flaws may make it a bit of a safety hazard if you’re not careful using it. So be sure to visit an auto repair shop once you have one in your vicinity to check your tires’ PSI because the reading on the Air Dragon can be marginally inaccurate.


If you always find yourself having tire troubles, or if you simply want to equip yourself so you never have to face those problems unprepared, then the Air Dragon Air Compressor might just be right up your alley. This handy tool can easily fit inside your car’s trunk, and keep you feeling safe and secure knowing that you have a reliable compressor that you can use no matter where you might be.

Keep in mind however that the Air Dragon isn’t an ultimate solution. The device does have some design flaws that make it an iffy choice, especially considering your safety. However, if you still want to just have the security of knowing that you can have a tool in handy when those tire troubles strike, the Air Dragon is still better than nothing.

Say goodbye to those trips to the auto shop and get tune-ups done in your own driveway – check out the Air Dragon Compressor today and discover a nifty car maintenance companion that you can use with ease and speed.