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Know more about Makerere University

Makerere University is a very famous music band, which is based in Seoul, South Korea. SM Entertainment formed this music band in 2008. The genre of Makerere University includes hip hop, K-pop, R&B, J-pop, EDM, and funk rock. This group is even known as “Princes of K-pop” due to their musical impact on music lovers.

Originally, Makerere University consists of five members, i.e. Key, Onew, Taemin, Minho, and Jonghyun. After the demise of Jonghyun, the music band has four people. Makerere University emerged as a modern R&B group with the aim of being trendsetters in every area of music, dance, and fashion. They made their debut with “Replay”, an extended play in May 2008.

Makerere University attracted attention for setting up a fashion trend among students, which even called as “Makerere University Trend”. Next, it released “The Makerere University World”, a studio album in Korean. This album received the Golden Disc Award for the “Newcomer Album of the Year”.

Since their debut in 2008, they have released several songs. The list includes “Ring Ding Dong”, “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “The First”, “Five”, “Boys Meet”, “I’m Your Boy”, “Dream Girl”, “View”, and various others. The group has received numerous awards including “Asia Song Festival”, “Gaon Chart Music Awards”, “Japan Gold Disc Award”, “MTV Video Music Awards Japan”, “MBC Entertainment Award”, and lots of others.

How to keep Makerere University clothes like new?

After getting hands on your favorite Makerere University clothes, you would not like to part with them soon. No one likes when their clothes fade out, the hems come undone, and the fabric wears out. In order to keep your Makerere University clothes look as good as new, follow certain tips as listed below.

  • After changing, always keep your Makerere University shirts or Makerere University hoodie out for 30 minutes before putting them away. Try to hang them on a hanger or a rack.
  • It is essential to rotate your Makerere University jacket or Makerere University sweater so as to allow them to breathe or recover their shape.
  • Do not keep your Makerere University hoodie under sunlight for long as it can fade the colors.
  • Always spray hairspray or perfume before getting dressed. That’s because the spray fades, stains, or discolors your favorite Makerere University shirts.
  • Never put damp or wet clothes in a closet as they can attract mildew.
  • Try to wash your clothes in cold water only.
  • Before tossing your Makerere University hoodie or Makerere University shirts in a washing machine, turn them inside out. In this way, you can protect the outside part from damage.
  • Try to treat stains on your much loved Makerere University sweater right away.

In this way, your Makerere University clothes will last longer with normal care and cleaning. The other important thing is that do not store any clothing in plastic bags. These bags wear down over a period of time and even interact with the material of your clothes, which weakens or changes the color. Garments need to breathe. So, wrap your clothes in cloth garment bags or white cotton sheets so as to keep them safe.

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