Best Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free in 2020

Entertainment is a must-have amenity for humans! Shows and movies only go on to prove that they are one of the best modes of entertainment. Each one of us has different tastes and likes different genres of video content. Anime is one of those genres.

Japan anime is gaining more fans in various other countries today. But, most of these series are only available online. Hence, to watch the latest updates or simply to find your preferred collection, you will need to search for an anime website. There are some best free streaming websites where you can watch your favorite Japanese-animation styled cartoons in HD-quality.

Some of the best streaming sites to watch anime online for free in 2020 are:


Right from the oldest Anime series to the latest, AnimeFreak is one of the best free streaming websites that houses some of the most streamed anime series. You will be able to access the website whether you register or not.

The various anime are sorted into categories so that you do not have much problem finding the ones that you are looking for. If you click on the picture tile of the anime episode, you will see a comprehensive review of the show, episode list, and ratings.

2. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a free online streaming site that offers a huge selection of videos, shows, and movies. All the series here have been subbed and dubbed in English. Hence, Chia-Anime is quite popular in foreign countries.

The shows listed on the site are suitable for all ages. However, the only annoying aspect of this streaming site is that it is run by ads. But, Chia-Anime is definitely worth your time.


From the name itself, you know that the streaming site is based on anime series. It features shows that have been licensed by US-based companies. Also, you will not be bugged by irritating and useless advertisements.

You can stream videos in 1080p HD-quality, provided you have the hardware that is compatible with it. Some of the shows you can watch here are Wolf, Spice, Kite, and Trigun.


Gogoanime is one of those free streaming sites that have every anime show and movie sorted out in proper order. You will find a lot of categories, such as Movies, Popular, New Season, etc.

If you must, you can also look for particular anime movies or shows by looking for its name in the search bar. Each video on this streaming site is HD-quality and free of any ads. The site is very vibrant and has a dynamic design.


9Anime is one of the top best streaming sites to watch anime online for free in 2019 for anime sitcoms and movies. The videos here are streamed in HD-quality. The purple and black theme of the site looks very beautiful.

9Anime houses a widespread database of anime shows and movies that can be sorted out according to language, release date, and genre. Additionally, you also have to watch anime shows dubbed in English.

6. AnimeDao

AnimeDao has a very clean and simple interface. It offers easy navigation through its collection of the best anime shows and films, which are listed according to genres, ratings, etc.

The best part about this streaming service is that you can watch anime online absolutely free and participate with the anime gossips. Most of the videos here have been subbed and are available in HD-quality. Also, the site contains minimum ads.


When it comes to streaming dubbed anime shows and films, Masterani is definitely one of the best. If you have no problems with dubbed anime videos, then you will surely like this online streaming site.

It contains more than 2,500 HD-quality dubbed anime. You can also search for new anime shows via the search or recommended tab.

8. Anime-Planet

If you want to stream anime series for free, Anime-Planet is one of the best platforms. Here, all the anime episodes have been sorted properly in different categories, such as drama, adventure, and action.

You can look into these categories to find your favorite anime movies or shows. The streaming service also offers timing and cast information, unlike other similar platforms. Also, the site does not pop up a lot of ads.

9. AnimeHub

AnimeHub is yet another top-rated website where you can stream anime videos for free. Its huge database contains the most popular anime movies and shows.

The streaming service’s interface is very easy to navigate, which aids you in searching for your favorite show. The service also provides a search bar where you can type in the name of the anime video you want to watch.


KissAnime is a streaming service that allows you to stream and watch your favorite anime shows for free. The highlight of this site that it contains most of those anime movies and shows that are not yet available on other streaming platforms since it acts as a search engine as well.

All you need to do is type the name of the video you want to watch and click the hit button. The top results will be displayed to you.


You can stream and watch any anime video for free at WatchAnime. It hosts a wide assortment of anime movies and shows of all styles and genres. The videos here are in HD-quality.

Also, the streaming service does not contain a lot of ads, which can be quite irritating and disturbing while streaming anime movies and shows. Platform developers keep on updating the site each week with new videos.

12. KuroAni

If you want to stream and watch anime shows, then KuroAni is another fine option that you can opt for. The streaming platform offers its services absolutely free and contains no ads to interrupt you while you stream your favorite movie or sitcom.

Apart from anime videos, KuroAni also features some famous and classic movies that are available in both dubbed and original versions.


Animestreams is a very well-maintained and one of the best streaming sites to watch anime online for free in 2019 where you will find a list of ongoing and complete anime shows. As compared to other streaming services, the number of ads popping up on this anime website is very less.

One distinguishing feature about this website is that if you do not find the anime video you are looking for, you can simply submit a form and request for it. The videos are all subbed and dubbed in English. 


Animexd is another streaming platform where you can watch the best anime shows online without paying any sort of fee. The site has an enormous database of anime movies and sitcoms that will deliver an endless list of videos to you.

There are rarely any other anime streaming sites that offer so many anime titles. The videos are of HD-quality and the bar on the right displays all the upvoted and trending content from around the world.


RyuAnime is a great online streaming service that offers animated series and movies in the English language. It is completely free to access and hosts all popular animated titles.

Apart from anime, the site also offers popular mainstream animated movies. However, you cannot download these sitcoms or films. The videos are of HD-quality and contain no ads for the best user experience. The streaming service is also one of the most popular on the web.


Narutoget is a gigantic online website for watching anime movies and series in a safe environment. As the name suggests, you can watch the famous Naruto series on this site. Apart from this, there is also a wide range of other mangas and movies offered by this website.

While the site offers HD-quality videos, there is no option for downloading them. But, since the site is free to use, there is absolutely no need to download the movies and series.

17. is one of the top places to watch Korean dramas, anime movies, and anime series. The streaming service offers a daily dose of movies, cartoons, and anime shows. It also has doubled-anime versions.

All the videos on can be viewed in HD-quality. While you might see some ads, they are not as boring as they sound. You will enjoy the pleasant visual experience.


AnimeKaizoku is a great anime streaming site that lists down some of the most popular anime shows for you to watch for absolutely free. The shows are divided into categories like Films, Cartoons, Current Series, and Animated Series.

Apart from being free, you can also download the video content in any quality you like. Hence, AnimeKaizoku is a streaming service that allows you to do both, stream and download anime videos with no hassles at all!

19. DarkAnime

Darkanime houses some of the most significant collections of anime genres. It is also one of the biggest anime streaming services based in North America. The platform is completely free to use and access.

All you need to do is create your account and you are ready to watch. Darkanime contains some of the best collection of anime and popular animated shows in many different languages with subs.

Conclusion of the Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free

The above are some of the best streaming sites to watch anime online for free in 2019. While there are a lot more, the ones mentioned above are deemed the most popular and interesting. These sites contain no or very little ad content and the videos are of the best quality.

The sites are also safe and can be accessed without any external sources like VPN. All you need to have is a high-speed internet connection to stream these anime series and movies.

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