Dreamville Merch

Dreamville Records is known to be J. Cole’s label. It is home to 7 artists and 1 group. Being the most notorious figure in the label, J. Cole owned 2018 and is now preparing for a new album. The KOD album and tour rocked the US and so the whole team behind Cole. Dreamville brand offers a bunch of pieces that may appeal to the fans and although it is nothing much as in graphics and colors, it certainly gives the desired quality. The collection features a variety of T-shirts, outerwear, bottoms, as well as hats, socks, beanies and other accessories.

First off, if you want to show love and support the brand, you should definitely get your hands on the classic Dreamville tee. It is a 100% combed ring-spun cotton T-shirt with the traditional label logo on the chest. The other designs are more basketball-styled and while most of them feature the same Dreamville print on the front, you can either choose a basketball texture court or a number 19 logo on the back. The DV/NC All Star T-shirt is a little different from the others, as it does not flaunt the label logo on the front.

There are also a sweater, mlg sunglasses and a hoodie corresponding designs flaunting the “Don’t sleep” basketball texture court print or the number 19 one. A neat choice is the dirty white NC Script Logo 19 Light Weight Sweatshirt. Its sweet-looking dark green really makes the piece unique in its minimalistic style. The key outerwear item is the Anorak Jacket. It is a 100% nylon, waterproof jacket. It is in all black, with a Dreamville logo on the front left and a big script on the bottom front.

There are two designs of sweatpants, one with pockets and one without. This is quite different from the xxxtentacion collection. They are matching pieces for the NC Script sweatshirt and are made of high-quality yarn. There is also a black ladies leggings piece which features a KOD branding as well as a Dreamville print. Its description proves that the label offers only high quality merch. Therefore, the leggings are ideal for the female fan base.

An interesting aspect of the Dreamville merch shop is the variety of accessories presented. All of them are pretty dope. The hats and beanies, as well as the socks, look really high-quality made. The Dreamville Fanny Pack is something unexpected and yet, it is the only accessory that is currently sold out.  The hats come in 2 variants – the one is the “Dreamville” and the other one is “Don’t sleep”. So come the socks, white with dark green branding or red. There is a traditional trucker hat which comes in all white.

All in all, J. Cole’s label does not provide that much of a variety when it comes to merch. However, it does provide the quality every fan seeks. After all, the content of the Dreamville artists’ music reveals the same quality-over-quantity ideology, recurring in the clothing line. Despite the high price point, it is worth having at least one of their pieces. G

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