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The Naruto series is one of the popular anime series if not the most popular. The Naruto anime series ran from 2002 to 2007 with a total of 220 episodes. About 91 of those were filler episodes, Naruto had one of the highest filler percentage at 41%, almost half of all the episodes. Boruto: Next Generation had a smaller percentage of 20%.

The Naruto episodes enjoy huge popularity across the world. Its basis is a story of young ninja called Naruto Uzumaki who was rejected by his villagers and generally struggles to gain acceptance in the village due to having the Nine-Tails beast sealed inside him as new-born. This was done by his father for protection of the village. Naruto works hard to gain the greatest status in the village by becoming the leader of the village. He is called the Hokage and gains respect of the village

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Naruto Episodes List

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