The Subtle Face of Fashion

Caps are a great way to take your outfit up a notch. The right cap can turn an ordinary outfit into something special. For those who are fans of the understated look, this one is right up your alley.

9Lucky Tech brings to you the BTS Wings Tour Cap which is a replica of the official version worn by Jimin on tour. The following are the seller’s claims:

  • A classic cap with a casual look
  • Breathable material made of 100% cotton for comfort and quality
  • Adjustable back strap to fit all head sizes
  • Unstructured style
  • Unisex design
  • Three ounces in weight
  • Resistance to fading and fraying despite regular use

The cap is priced at $10 on Amazon.

Our Opinion

The first thing you notice about the product is the two rings on the brim. This They bring novelty to what would, otherwise, be a plain black cap. The rings are about an inch in diameter, and bigger and thinner than the ones shown in the seller's images.

They don't appear to be very sturdy, and the distance between the grommets is, also, longer than the original version. The rings are not fully closed but can be pressed into place. You can also remove them if they are too distracting but, this would rob the cap of its unique look. The color works well with a lot of different outfits and will suit most people.

As advertised by the seller, the product is light, its worth noting its part of bts merch by Kpop Choices . One reason for this is that the material isn't very thick. Because the cap is made of pure cotton, the texture resembles a cotton trouser and doesn't have a silky feel. The breathable fabric is likely to get linty but ensures that there isn't much sweat accumulation.

The adjustable strap enclosure on the back is smooth and allows better control over the size than a snapback. The strap is long for flexibility and fit, but the quality of the sizing arrangement is questionable. For smaller head sizes, the excess part or tail of the strap after tightening is left to flap about. A velcro or loop arrangement to hold the tail in place would've been a welcome addition. The three wings tour logos are printed on a separate piece of fabric and stitched onto the end of the backstrap. The product would’ve looked much better had the logos been directly printed onto the strap

The primary issue with this product is that the quality is not guaranteed. Some buyers are delighted with it while others are outright disappointed. Though customers recommended their cute ita bags. A few customers have received the product with only one ring. Another pet peeve is that the metal fastener on the back is flimsy and breaks after a few adjustments. Products have, also, been received with burnt lining, rips, residue and shoddy stitching. For some, even after size adjustments, the cap doesn't provide a snug fit.

The Conclusion

This product has a lot of potential, more so because the official version is no longer sold. The design is great. Unfortunately, the execution and finish are lacking. 1.33-.

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