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3 Boldest K Pop Beauty Trends In 2020

 It does not matter whether they kept it sparkly or smoky. The bottom line is that the k pop starts wore some seriously badass hair and makeup last year.  Be it the EXOs, Blackpink,Bts merch, or GOT7 and many others, they all rocked the year two thousand and eighteen with the highest sense of fashion ever.

As far as beauty trends are concerned, the beauty world of the k pop groups has been revolving around platinum blonde hair, smoky eyes, and nice lip tints. They are all up to being classy, and they have been doing some red lippies, to enhance their looks.  Not to talk of the winged eyeliners.

 The k pops idol have gone an extra mile to a more bold look, a more sparkly hair and the best makeup, to give their fans the best looks ever.

 Below are the several beauty influential moments that took place last year, and are worth a celebration:

  1. Violet Hair Colors

This has been the k pop’s color of the year, as many of its stars have been seen doing it, and looking fabulous in them.  The color purple has various shades, which are best understood by them.  Mark, the GOT7’s was seen in the music video “Lullaby” in streaks of lilac and violet hair. For “Help me” promotions, Nu’est W colored his hair lavender purple, while Jennie of the black ink, showed up in the famous single “ Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du” in some nice looking purple ponytail extensions.

 All these stars came out so nicely with transformed looks in purple hairs. Did I tell you about Dahyun? Oh no! She dyed her hair purple, just for the “yes or yes” music video dropped in November last year. We are not so sure what this year shall come with since k pop is never letting us know. Maybe it’s a surprise.

  • Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Last year, rhinestones were the simple way that the k pop stars used to add some glittering to the eyes of the k pop stars.  In the music video “Get It”, Pristine showed up in some glamorous gems under her eye.

 In her two thousand and eighteen’s promotions, Chung Ha also glued some jewel on her lower lash. She also did this for Rollercoaster, but was entirely different in a manner that she circularly put them, and a star shape.

  • Spray-Painted Buzz Cuts

 You can easily differentiate between Key’s spray-painted rainbow buzz cut that he wore for SHINee’s Good evening promotions, from Wooseok’s ones which are neon green in color. Wooseok did this hair type specifically for the Pentagon’s summerly thumbs up.

 The Bottom Line

 Are you on holiday and you are stranded at choosing the best hairstyle? Or do you just think that you need someone that you can be following up and mimic their hairstyles? It is normal to be in a dilemma of the hair that suits you. But it becomes so easy if you have someone to look up to. That is why the above few k pops should help you have a clue.

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